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Dr. Norman C. Melvin III

Central National Technology Support Center Staff

Leader, National Wetland Team

Central National Technology Support Center USDA NRCS
501 W. Felix St., FWFC, Bldg. 23, Fort Worth, TX 76115
Phone: 817-509-3572
Cell: 817-301-9541
Fax: 817-509-3337


Norman C. Melvin, III, Ph.D. is Team Leader for the USDA NRCS National Wetland Team located in Fort Worth, Texas. Prior to his current position, Norman was a founding member and Botanist/Plant Ecologist for the NRCS National Wetland Science Institute, Laurel Maryland (1995-2004), State Plant Ecologist for NRCS, Maryland (1990-1995), and Associate Professor of Biology and Chairman of the Biology Department, St. Andrews College, North Carolina (1980-1990). In addition to currently serving as Leader for the National Wetland Team, he serves as NRCS' national representative on botanical and ecological issues related to wetlands. He is responsible for the agency’s Wetland Restoration training, involved in Wetland Plant Identification training, and serves on the National Plant Panel & the Invasive Species Panel. While attached to the National Wetland Science Institute, Norman was appointed Adjunct Professor at both the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University where here served on several graduate committees for students involved in wetland research.   He is a member of the Society of Wetland Scientists, Association of Southeastern Biologists, and the Southern Appalachian Botanical Society and has presented papers at society meetings and symposia, authored publications in professional journals, and written technical articles for the NRCS.


  • BS Degree in Biology from Presbyterian College, South Carolina (1973)
  • MS Degree in Botany from Clemson University, South Carolina (1976)
  • Ph. D. in Botany from Miami University, Ohio (1980)

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