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Dr. Philip Barbour

Central National Technology Support Center Staff

Wildlife Biologist

Central National Technology Support Center USDA NRCS
501 W. Felix St., FWFC, Bldg. 23, Fort Worth, TX 76115
Phone: 817-509-3225
Fax: 817-509-3337
Cell: 817-320-2095


Dr. Philip Barbour is the new wildlife biologist on the CNTSC core team.  Philip has BS and MS degrees from LSU and in 2006 earned his Ph.D. in Wildlife Ecology from Mississippi State University.  His dissertation topic was Ecological and Economic Effects of Field Borders in Row Crop Agricultural Production Systems in Mississippi.  Philip is a Certified Wildlife Biologist with The Wildlife Society.  Philip has worked as a Natural Resources Specialist with NRCS in the Greenwood, MS Area IV office; as Acting Manager at the Jamie L. Whitten Plant Materials Center, Coffeeville, MS; as a Soil Conservationist in the Leflore County Field Office, Greenwood, MS; as a Wildlife Biologist with the National Agricultural Wildlife Conservation Center, and most recently as a Wildlife Biologist with the Ecological Sciences Service Unit, Madison, MS.  Philip brings a wealth of experience in the natural resources arena, including being the owner/operator of a large farm in MS where he primarily grew cotton and soybeans for 18 years.  He is also an astute botanist having discovered numerous species of plants new to science from Peru, South America of which 7 species are named in his honor. 

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