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Conservation Client Gateway - Questions and Answers

What is Conservation Client Gateway? 

Conservation Client Gateway is a secure web portal that lets you work with NRCS online. Landowners and land managers, whether operating as individuals or authorized representatives of business entities, can track their payments, report completed practices, request conservation assistance, and electronically sign documents. Conservation Client Gateway provides users the flexibility to determine when they want to engage with NRCS online and when they prefer in-person conservation planning assistance.

Through Conservation Client Gateway, you will be able to:

  • Request a conservation plan
  • Request conservation assistance for your property
  • Apply for financial assistance
  • Review and digitally sign your conservation plan and other key documents
  • Report completed conservation practices and contract items
  • Request and track payments
  • Request updates (e.g. address, e-mail, phone number) to your customer profile information

What are the benefits of using Conservation Client Gateway? 

Conservation is just a click away! Use Conservation Client Gateway to sign important conservation documents, saving time and fuel, driving back and forth to the NRCS Field Office.

Conservation Client Gateway in not a substitute for the time you spend with your local conservation planner. Conservation Client Gateway gives you more time to focus on your resource concerns and opportunities and conservation practices.

Does Conservation Client Gateway facilitate business representative access? 

Yes, authorized representatives of business entities, consistent with USDA’s entity categories can now access Conservation Client Gateway. The authorized representative of a business will need an individual USDA client record with a valid email address, primary phone and a social security number for a tax identification number. The USDA client record must be linked to the Level 2 eAuth Account. At initial login to Conservation Client Gateway, members with signature authority will need to request assignment of their Full Authority Access from NRCS. At initial login, members without signature authority must request their access assignment from a member of the business who has already logged in and has their Full Authority access assigned. Contact your local NRCS office for more information on this process.

Do I need a separate Level 2 eAuthentication (eAuth) account for Conservation Client Gateway and FSA Farm+?

No, you can use the same Level 2 eAuth Account for both applications. A single public USDA Level 2 eAuth Account allows you access to multiple USDA applications and services.

I already have an eAuthentication Account, do I need to register for a new one?

You may not need to register for a new account. Before registering for a new account, make sure your current one is not usable. Your account may be disabled if you have not used it in the last year or so. Contact the USDA eAuthentication Help Desk at 1-800-457-3642 (Option 1) for assistance. The Help Desk will confirm if the account can be used. If you have forgotten the password, you can use the self-service password recovery features.    

I am a USDA employee and also an agricultural producer. Can I use my employee eAuthentication account to submit requests for assistance?

No, you cannot use the eAuthentication account you use as an employee to conduct personal business with USDA. Employees who are also agricultural producers will have to register for a new eAuthentication account in order to use Conservation Client Gateway for their personal business. You will need to continue to use your USDA employee account for work business.

I am a Technical Service Provider (TSP). Can I use my current eAuthentication account to access Conservation Client Gateway for personal use?

No, you cannot use the same eAuthentication account with Conservation Client Gateway that you use to work with USDA to conduct personal business with USDA. A TSP who is also an agricultural producer will have to register for a new eAuthentication account in order to use Conservation Client Gateway for their personal business. You will need to continue to use your TSP account for work business.

Can I use a mobile device to sign-up for my eAuthentication account?

No, a mobile device cannot be used to sign-up for your Level 2 eAuth Account, the online identify verification, or the online link of the USDA client record. A mobile device can be used to access Conservation Client Gateway, after your eAuth account is linked to your USDA client record.  

Can I use my mobile device or tablet with Conservation Client Gateway?

Yes, Conservation Client Gateway is a desktop application with dynamic screen sizing for mobile devices (e.g., tablets, or smartphones). However, it is not a mobile application; therefore your user experience may change while using mobile devices.  A new Mobile Payments App will be released later this year and will allow you to track your conservation payments from a smartphone or tablet.  

What browsers can I use with Conservation Client Gateway?

Conservation Client Gateway works with most standard web browsers (e.g., Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari). The system will notify you if your browser may not function properly.  

What type of information will I see in Conservation Client Gateway?

  1. Your conservation plans associated with an active NRCS conservation program contract
  2. Your other conservation plans that are active and have been reviewed since January 2014
  3. Your NRCS conservation program applications submitted during the current fiscal year (e.g., October 1- September 30)
  4. Your NRCS conservation program contracts that are active
  5. Your NRCS conservation program contract payments dated October 1, 2011 or later

What type of information is not provided in Conservation Client Gateway?

  1. NRCS Financial Assistance Conservation Program contracts that have been canceled or terminated
  2. NRCS easement program agreements
  3. Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) agreements

How do I contact the eAuthentication Help Desk?

You can contact the eAuthentication Help Desk for all questions or issues related to your eAuthentication account. You can either call 1-800-457-3642 (Option 1), or send an email to Be sure to provide detailed information on your issue. For Detailed information on the USDA eAuthentication service visit their website at

Client Gateway support - 970-372-4200 - - Client Gateway Technical Support Portal