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Soil Science / Soil Scientist

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Soil Scientists at the Natural Resources Conservation Service are responsible for studying the upper few meters of the Earth's crust in terms of its physical and chemical properties; distribution, genesis and morphology; and biological components. For detailed information about the Soil Scientist occupation, see the NRCS Soil Science Career Guide.

In the diagrams below, you can view the career map of the common path for this occupation. The progression is not meant to be prescriptive, but rather show options as one progresses through the occupation, with the realization that transitions are based upon what opportunities are available. View summary information about each position in this occupation by clicking on the position.

Soil Scientist PathStudent Trainee (GS 3-5)Entry (5-7)Mid (GS 9)Senior (GS 11)Resource Soil Scientist (GS 11 - 12)Soil Survey Project Leader (GS 11)Soil Data Quality Specialist (GS 12)MLRA Soil Survey Leader (GS 12)State Soil Scientist (GS 13)Senior Regional Soil Scientist (GS 13)Soil Science Technical Specialist (GS 13 - 14)Soil Survey Regional Director (GS 13-14)Supervisory Soil Scientist - National Leader (GS 14 - 15)