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Employee Testimonials

 Greg Hammer Greg Hammer

“As a Soil Scientist at NRCS, I have the opportunity every day to make a difference in the lives of people and the world that we live in. The opportunities at NRCS seem just about limitless. I started with NRCS as an intern while I was still in college. Today I’m a Resource Soil Scientist working on projects across entire regions of the country. No matter what our job titles are, working at NRCS feels like family to me – because we care about what we’re doing. For me, NRCS is the best place to work.”

Kurt Readus  Kurt Readus

“I am so grateful to have a career with NRCS knowing that the services we provide to our great nation impact the future of agriculture in a positive, sustainable way. By providing technical and financial assistance to the current generation of agricultural producers, we support a strong, robust agricultural sector for the American economy. These services also allow greater opportunities for tomorrow’s generation of agricultural producers, who will provide the world’s food, fiber, and energy well into the future. I have worked at NRCS for many years and am currently the State Conservationist in Mississippi. Simply put, not only do I love what I do – I love who I work with and also who I work for.”

Jessica Jobe  Jessica Jobe

“Working as a Soil Scientist for NRCS has provided me the opportunity to pursue my passion for the outdoors and the environment in a manner that serves in aiding area landowners in making sound land use and conservation decisions. I work with extraordinary people with common career and personal interests, which has created lasting bonds both professionally and personally. NRCS has provided me with exceptional training opportunities, both formal and on-the-job, to enhance my skills while encouraging career advancement. If you want to develop a career in Soil Science that is service-driven and people-oriented, NRCS is a remarkable organization.”

 Vladimir Jean-Charles Vladimir Jean-Charles

“Four and half years ago when I first started at NRCS, a colleague said to me, “If my car broke down anywhere in the United States, all I would have to do is find the nearest NRCS office and I know the employees would take care of me and my family.” At first I thought it was cliché, until I started working and interacting with our employees. Today that statement rings true – so true that I have started saying the same thing to new employees as they come onboard.

“I have had the opportunity to serve in several different roles at NRCS, including my current role as Acting Director of HR Strategy. Every day I wake up feeling fortunate because I get to work with phenomenal co-workers and create “people strategies” that allow our employees to focus on what they do best: Helping people help the land.”

Jamie Carpenter  Jamie Carpenter

“NRCS is a great place to work because as an employee, you get to make a positive difference to the landscape by working with producers to conserve and protect our natural resources, which in return has a long-lasting effect on the quality of life for current and future generations.

“Since starting to work for NRCS as a Soil Conservationist in June 2002, I have been provided with excellent technical training as well as the opportunity to participate in the Emerging Leaders Development Program. I feel that as an NRCS employee I have had excellent opportunities to advance in my career. I have held three positions in two different states in my twelve years working for NRCS: Soil Conservationist, District Conservationist in Alabama, and now Assistant State Conservationist for Field Operations in Iowa. Each position has been rewarding and offered many opportunities to challenge myself. I am very thankful for my career with NRCS and I am very excited about what we will accomplish in the future as we help people help the land!”

 Mary Podoll Mary Podoll

“NRCS is a great agency with a truly fulfilling mission regardless of your discipline. The partnerships and conscientious delivery of programs to solve problems through a voluntary, locally-driven effort for agriculture and natural resources allow you to go home every day feeling that you’ve accomplished something great. Currently the State Conservationist in North Dakota, I’ve enjoyed every aspect of my career and continue to look forward to the next part of this journey.”