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West Region Technology Work Group

The West Region Technology Work Group (WRTWG) provides regional leadership and coordination for technology transfer within the region. The Work Group is composed of the State Resource Conservationist (SRC) from each state plus four State Conservation Engineers (SCE) and two State Soil Scientists (SSS). A West Region State Conservationist (STC) serves as an advisor to the Work Group.  The National Technology Specialist (NTS) from the WNTSC functions as Work Group Coordinator.

View WRTWG Business Plan or the WRTWG & Technical Consortia Framework Plan.

Members of the Working Group serve as mentors to the West Region Technical Consortia.

West Region Technology Work Group Members

Name (Click to e-mail) State Mentor to Consortium Phone
Helen Denniston SRC-Alaska Economics 907-761-7756
Brett Nelson SCE-Alaska Energy 907-761-7717
Steve Smarik Acting SRC-Arizona   602-280-8823
David Beyman SCE-Arizona Irrigation 602-285-6351
Tom Hedt SRC-California Plant Materials 530-792-5656
Luis E. Laracuente, P.E. SCE-California Environmental Engineers 530-792-5622
Gene Backhaus SRC-Colorado Grazing Lands 720-544-2826
Gene Schock SRC-Idaho Agronomy 208-378-5720
Jerry Schaefer - Chair SRC-Montana   406-587-6998
Chuck Gordon SSS-Montana Soil Science 406-587-6818
Dan Bloedel acting SRC-New Mexico   505-761-4448
Roger Ford SCE-New Mexico Hydrology and Hydraulics 505-761-4430
William Elder acting SRC-Nevada   775-857-8500 x104
Tom Makowski SRC-Oregon Water Quality 503-414-3202
Ron Smith SCE-Oregon Design Engineers 503-414-3252
Anthony Ingersoll SRC-Pacific Islands Area   808-541-2600 x111
Tony Rolfes SRC-Pacific Islands Area   808-541-2600 x119
Elise Boeke SRC-Utah Biology 801-524-4551
Bonda Habets SRC-Washington Forestry 509-323-2961
Larry Johnson SCE-Washington State Conservation Engineers 509-323-2955
Casey Sheley, acting Coordinator SRC-Wyoming GIS 307-233-6768
Dave Brown, Advisor STC-Utah   801-524-4551
Vacant, Coordinator NTS-WNTSC    

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