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National Technology Support Centers

In order to strengthen scientific and technological support for NRCS' conservation programs and activities, three new National Technology Support Centers (NTSCs) are established: East, Central, and West. These Centers have two primary functions: to provide technological direct assistance and technology transfer (including collaboration with others for technical training) to States and the Pacific Basin and Caribbean Areas and to acquire and/or develop new science and technology in order to provide cutting-edge technological support. These Centers are also charged with developing and maintaining national technical standards and other technological procedures and references.

Draft state level procedures for requesting direct technical assistance from National Technology Support Centers:  National Bulletin 450-5-4 (Review and comment)

Title 450, Technology, General Manual, Part 411, National Technology Advisory Board

  • Establishes a National Technology Consortium Advisory Board to provide advice and counsel to the Deputy Chiefs for Science and Technology and Soil Survey and Resource Assessment on technology policy and priorities for technology acquisition and development, technology transfer, and other activities.
  • Establishes a Technology Advisory Board for each National Technology Support Center (NTSC) to provide advice and counsel to the respective NTSC Directors.
  • Allows that Technology Advisory Boards may be established at other National Centers, as determined by the Deputy Chiefs for Science and Technology and Soil Survey and Resource Assessment.

NRCS Regional Map with National Technology Support Centers in Greensboro, NC, Fort Worth, TX and Portland, OR















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Map: NRCS National Technology Centers/Remote Sensing Laboratories

National Centers Personnel Directory