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Engineering Software and Spreadsheets

The public can obtain NRCS software from the NRCS Science and Technology Conservation Tools Software Website. The software provided in the table below is for use on NRCS platforms. The public should download the non-NRCS versions at the site listed above.

NRCS employees can access NRCS nationally approved software from the Information Technology Services staff (ITS).  Support for NRCS nationally approved engineering software should be obtained through the State Conservation Engineer.

The Montana Engineering Spreadsheet List table contains the approved list of Montana NRCS Engineering Spreadsheets. This list is dynamic and will be updated as existing Spreadsheets are revised or new Spreadsheets are added. Engineering computer Spreadsheets, developed by Montana NRCS employees not on the approved list should be sent to the State Conservation Engineer for review and approval.

The Montana Engineering Software List table contains the approved list of NRCS engineering software for use in Montana. This list is dynamic and will be updated as existing software is revised and new software is added to the list.

If you encounter any problems with the files provided on this page, please contact Bruce Krueger at 406-587-6834.

Montana Engineering Spreadsheet List
Name Description Version Date
Collapse (XLS; 96 KB) Pipe collapse pressure and air valve sizing 1.0 March 2009
Center Pivot Evaluation and Design (CPED) (XLS; 3 MB) Used to analyze the coefficient of uniformity for a pivot 2016.02.22 February 2016
Evaporation/Precipitation Balance (EvapBal) (XLS; 28 KB) Water balance spreadsheet for agwaste storage ponds 1.0 April 2014
Farm Irrigation Rating Index (FIRI) (XLS; 1 MB) Computes the irrigation efficiency of a system considering management and conveyance losses 2015.1.01 January 2016
IWM by Checkbook V1.9c (XLS; 3.7 MB) Tracks irrigation water applied verses plants consumptive use 1.9c May 2016
MicroDrip Design 2016 (XLS; 11 MB) Design micro irrigation systems on shelterbelts, high tunnels or any other irrigated field 2016.03.09 March 2016
Manure Compost Recipe - Computation Sheet (XLS; 17 KB) Manure compost recipe computation spreadsheet 1.0 May 2014
MontFARM (XLS; 3.1 MB)
MontFARM Users Guide (PDF; 516 KB)
Montana Feedlot Annualized Runoff Model: a water quality risk assessment tool 1.2 November 2011
Pivot Design V2.9 (XLS; 357 KB) Pivot planning and design spreadsheet 2.9 March 2014
Rock Chute (XLS; 935 KB) Rock Chute Design Version 4.01 - 04/23/03; Based on "Design of Rock Chutes" by Robinson, Rice, Kadavy; ASAE, 1998 4.01 April 2003
Variable Speed Drive - Economic Comparison (XLS; 207 KB) Variable Speed Drive (VSD) for Irrigation or Stockwater Pumping 2014-6-24 November 2015

Montana Engineering Software List
Name Description Version Date
AgPipe Pipeline design program. April 9, 2004
CPEDFull Center Pivot Evaluation and Design. February 24, 2005
CPEDLite Center Pivot Evaluation and Design. 2009 September 23, 2010
CPNozzle Determines runoff potential from a Center Pivot application. 1.0 January 19, 2005
EFH2 Estimating runoff and peak discharge. 1.1 August 4, 2003
EFM2 Estimating runoff and peak discharge. February 11, 2003
EFT Engineering Field Tools - this installation includes the EFT Framework, Surveying Engineering Tool (SET), Waterway Design Tool (WDT), and the Terrace Design Tool (TDT). 3.0 January, 2011
EPANET Pipeline design program. 2.0.2 January 19, 2005
FIRI Farm irrigation rating index 2015-1-01 April 2015
HEC-RAS HEC-RAS allows you to perform one-dimensional steady flow and unsteady flow modeling. 4.1 January 4, 2011
Hydraulics Formula Hydraulic equations frequently used during soil and water conservation activities. February 13, 2004
HY8 Federal Highway Administration's multi-phase culvert hydraulic software. 7.2.4 February 8, 2011
IWR Crop consumptive use program. September 9, 2003
IWRPM Crop consumptive use program. 1.2 March 28, 2011
MontFARM Water quality risk assessment tool. 1.2 November 2011
ND Pipe Deflect Modified Iowa Formula to estimate Vertical Deflection of buried flexible pipe caused by earth and live loads. 1.2 February 11, 2003
ND Pipe Design Design of pressure pipelines used for sprinkler, trickle, livestock and other water supplies. 1.44 February 11, 2003
Ohio Engineering Engineering software developed by the Ohio NRCS for Design of Conservation practices. 5.2.2 November 11, 2003
Rotate Rotates Geodimeter raw survey file. 1.0 October 22, 1987
Sec2dxf Converts a ASCII txt file of a section or profile data to a Autocad dxf format. 1.1 August 1998
Sites Sites program assists in the hydraulic and hydrologic analyses of dams. 2005.1.5 October 10, 2010
Snotemm Geodimeter survey note reduction program. 4.4 March 12, 1997
SRFR SRFR is a tool to help identify the optimum surface irrigation efficiencies from border, basin, and furrow irrigation. February 11, 2003
Trimble Data Transfer Utility Total Station survey data transfer program. 1.52 January 19, 2011
WinDAM B WinDAM B models erosion in earthen embankments as well as erosion in earthen auxiliary spillways of dams. 1.0 July 29, 2011
Winflume Flume design program. 1.6 November 9, 2011
WinPond Pond design program. 1.7 June 6, 2011
Winsrfr WinSRFR is a tool to help identify the optimum surface irrigation efficiencies from border, basin, and furrow irrigation. 3.1 June 29, 2009
WinTR20 Project formulation for Hydrology. 1.11.11 April 28, 2009
WinTR55 Urban Hydrology for Small Watershed. 1.00.09 October 14, 2009
Xyz2dxf Converts xyz survey file to a Autocad dxf format. 2.0 January 2002