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Field Plantings

Field plantings evaluate new plants or new plant technology under a variety of soil, climatic, and land uses with the purpose of assessing the conservation potential of the plants or technology under actual use conditions. In Montana and Wyoming, field plantings will address needs and actions identified in the Bridger Plant Materials Center Long Range Plan.

Additionally, field plantings may address interests, needs, and actions at the request of Field Offices through their Plant Materials Committee representative and by approval of the State Plant Materials Committee chaired by the State Resource Conservationist. For information and guidance on field plantings refer to Montana Plant Materials Technical Note MT-70, Field Plantings.

The Bridger Plant Materials Center has seed available for the following grasses and forbs for field testing in Montana.

Grass and Forb Species

Some documents in the following list require Adobe Reader. If you encounter any problems with a file provided on this page, please contact Technical Resources at 406-587-6822.


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NRCS-ECS-9: Planting Plan for Field, Special and Increase Plantings (PDF; 287 KB)
Planting and Site Information for Woody Plantings (PDF; 67 KB)
Evaluation of Woody Plantings (PDF; 191 KB)
Planting and Site Information for Herbaceous Plantings (PDF; 809 KB)
Evaluation of Herbaceous Plantings (PDF; 489 KB)