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The Michigan Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) works in partnership with other federal, state, local and Tribal governments as well as universities and non-governmental organizations to provide technical assistance on private land forestry issues. 

National NRCS Forestry Website

Forestry Informational Topics on this Web page
Agroforestry Resources for Technical Service Providers Forestry References
Fertilizing Trees Christmas Tree Resources Direct Seeding
Forest Erosion Control Methods Forest Ecology Forestry Education
Herbicides Forest Pest Management Forest Management
Tree/Shrub Planting Invasive Plants Tree/Shrub Databases & Identification
  Electronic Field Office Technical Guide eFOTG Forest Timber Tax

Resources for Technical Service Providers

How to Apply for EQIP Forest Management Plans
Aplica aqui para Programa de Incentivos para la Calidad del Medio Ambiente (EQIP): Planes Para El Manejo de Bosques
Forest Management Plan Criteria and Checklist - Practice/Activity Code 106
Forest Management Plan Template
Forest Management Plan Example
Resource Considerations Field Inventory Guide Sheet (CPA-52 excerpt) 


NRCS National Forestry Handbook
NRCS National Forestry Manual
Forest Landowner's Guide to Internet Resources
Michigan DNR Website
US Forest Service Website
US Forest Service Northeastern Area Website - State & Private Forestry
US Forest Service North Central Forest Experiment Station
Certified Forest Stewardship Plan Writers
Forest Management Plan Technical Service Providers


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National Agroforestry Center (NAC) Website

Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree Pest Manual
Growing Christmas Trees in Michigan, MSU Extension Bulletin E-1172
Shearing Recommendations for Christmas Tree Producers

Direct Seeding

Illinois Direct Seeding Handbook
Woody Plant Seed Manual

Forest Ecology

Regional Landscape Ecosystems of Michigan, Minnesota & Wisconsin

Forestry Education

Tree Identification Made Easy
Tree Identification - Class Exercises/Projects
Michigan Forest Pathways Education Resources

Forest Erosion Control Measures

Sustainable Soil and Water Quality Practices on Forest Land (Michigan’s Forestry BMP Guide)
U.S. EPA- Forest Management Practices to Reduce Non-Point Source Pollution

Forest Pest Management

Christmas Tree Pest Manual, MSU Extension FS Bulletin E-2676
USFS Northeastern Area State and Private Forestry Website
Forest Tree Health/Forest Pests - Michigan DNR

Forest Management

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Crop Tree Management in Eastern Hardwoods, NA-TP-19-93 by Arlyn Perkey
Forest Land Owner's Guide to Internet Resources
Michigan State University Forest Management Bulletins/Publications
Silvics of North America - Management and Characteristics of North American Trees
University of Minnesota Forest Management Bulletins/Publications


Herbicides for Forest Management (Wisconsin DNR)

Invasive Plants - Michigan

Michigan Invasive Plants Council
Plant Conservation Alliance's Alien Plant Working Group (lists, fact sheets)

Tree/Shrub Databases & Identification

SelecTree- A database that matches trees to 49 site characteristics
Silvics of North America - Management and Characteristics of North American Trees
USDA Plants Database
Virginia Tech Dendrology Home Page
Virginia Tech Dendrology Syllabus (Pictures, Keys and I.D. info)

Tree/Shrub Planting

Tree Planting in Michigan, MSU Extension Bulletin E-771


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National Agroforestry Center

NRCS Michigan Electronic Field Office Technical Guide EFOTG

Section IV of the NRCS Michigan Electronic Field Office Technical Guide (eFOTG) includes conservation practice standards and conservation sheets for a number of forestry practices including: windbreak/shelterbelt establishment, riparian forest buffer, tree/shrub site preparation, tree/shrub planting, tree/shrub pruning, forest stand improvement and more.
Electronic Field Office Technical Guide - (click on Michigan in the eFOTG State Locator, then your county to access eFOTG)

Forest Tax Issues

National Timber Tax Web site

Michigan Technical Contact

Andy Henriksen, State Forester
Phone: 517-324-5234
Fax:  517-324-5171