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Conservation Activity Plans

A Conservation Activity Plan or CAP can be developed for producers to identify conservation practices needed to address a specific natural resource need. Typically, these plans are specific to certain kinds of land use such as transitioning to organic operations, grazing land, forest land, or can also address a specific resource need such a plan for management of nutrients or to address an air quality concern.  With a CAP plan, producers can then apply for financial assistance to implement the needed conservation practices.

Conservation Activity Plans Available in Maryland

Practice Code

Conservation Activity Plan Name

102 Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan
104 Nutrient Management Plan
106 Forest Management Plan
108 Feed Management Plan
110 Grazing Management Plan
112 Prescribed Burning Management Plan
114 Integrated Pest Management Plan
118 Irrigation Water Management Plan
128 Agricultural Energy Management Plan (AgEmp)
130 Drainage Water Management Plan
138 Conservation Plan Supporting Organic Transition
142 Fish and Wildlife Habitat Management Plan
146 Pollinator Habitat Enhancement Plan
154 Integrated Pest Management Herbicide Resistance Weed Conservation Plan


All CAPs must be developed by a Technical Service Provider (TSP). A directory of TSPs can be found at the TechReg Web page.

EQIP Financial Assistance Support. Each approved CAP is supported by a single, stand-alone program contract with plan development scheduled during the first 12 calendar months after obligation. The expectation is that these agreements will be completed within the first year.

One CAP Per Land Unit Restriction. Eligible producers may submit applications for development of multiple CAPs; however, only one CAP contract may be developed on an eligible land unit (e.g., field) at the same time. Contracting of multiple CAP contracts on the same land unit is prohibited except for CNMP and AgEMP CAPs, where multiple CAP plans may be approved and implemented on the same land unit.

Visit the National EQIP Conservation Activity Plan website for more information.


NRCS Field Offices, located in the USDA Service Centers in each Maryland county, can provide additional details and program assistance concerning Conservation Activity Plan eligibility requirements, practices, and payments.

Program Contacts

Mikel Williams Hawkins
Farm Bill Specialist
Phone: 443.482.2923

Jackie Byam
Assistant State Conservationist- Programs
Phone: 443.482.2927