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The Cheatgrass Challenge

The invasive grass, Cheatgrass. Photo credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife ServiceCheatgrass and other invasive annual grasses, such as, medusahead and ventenata, are taking over America’s sagebrush rangelands, increasing wildfire size and frequency, reducing forage productivity, and threatening wildlife habitat and rural economies. Lack of bold and coordinated action is making our working lands less productive for each passing generation. Fortunately, we’re not helpless and it’s not too late.

The Natural Resources Conservation Service in Idaho and Wyoming are teaming up with each other and with partners in their respective states to address these invasive annuals. Dubbed the Cheatgrass Challenge, it is a call to arms for agricultural producers, federal and state agencies, educational institutions and non-profit organizations. As the Challenge develops we will be posting additional information and resources on this page, so please check back regularly for updates.

To find out more, click here: The Cheatgrass Challenge (PDF; 744 KB)

2021 Cheatgrass Challenge Proposals

Bulletin 300-22-04 - Idaho EQIP Program Guidance – FY 2022 (PDF; 270 KB)  Updated

Attachment A - Cheatgrass Challenge 2022-2023, FY22 Funding Cycle Grant Application Instructions  (PDF; 815 KB)  Updated

Attachment B - Cheatgrass Challenge Team EXAMPLE: Cooperative Annual Grass Project Application 2020-2021, FY21 Funding Cycle (PDF; 404 KB)

Attachment C - Cheatgrass Challenge Team - Cooperative Annual Grass Project APPLICATION – 2022-2023, FY22 Funding Cycle (DOCX; 1013 KB)  Updated

Attachment D - Moorecastle Basin AIG Proposed Treatment (PDF; 219 KB)

Attachment E - Moorecastle Basin AIG Proposed Treatment Schedule (XLSX; 25 KB)

Attachment F - Cheatgrass Challenge Proposal - Moorecastle Basin AIG Treatments (Map) (PDF; 184 KB)

Attachment G - Defend the Core, Grow the Core, Mitigate Impacts Map (PDF; 376 KB)

Cheatgrass Documents

Tackling Idaho’s Cheatgrass Challenge  (PDF; 3.3 MB)

Cheatgrass Challenge Guidance for NRCS Planners in Idaho (PDF; 396 KB) 

Cheatgrass Management Handbook  (PDF; 3.5 MB)

Threat-Based Land Management in the Northern Great Basin: A Manager’s Guide (PDF; 11 MB)

Threat-Based Land Management in the Northern Great Basin: A Field Guide (PDF; 2.9 MB)

Rangeland Analysis Platform (RAP) Webinar Documents and Video

Rangeland Analysis Platform Webinar YouTube Video

RAP Demonstration and Applications for Idaho’s Cheatgrass Challenge  (PDF; 11.6 MB)

RAP Landscape Cover of Annuals GIS Layer 

Idaho Partner Websites

US Bureau of Land Management:

US Fish and Wildlife Service:

US Forest Service:

US Forests and Rangelands:  

US Forest Health Protection:

Idaho Dept. of Agriculture:

Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game:

Idaho Dept. of Lands:

Idaho Fish and Wildlife Foundation:

Idaho Office of Species Conservation:

Idaho Rangeland Conservation Partnership:

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation:

Working Lands for Wildlife:

Western Governors Association:

Additional Information

Cheatgrass in Sagebrush Country: Fueling Severe Wildfires - YouTube