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Soil Health - Georgia

No-tilled red soil with black organic matter made from decomposed cover crop on surface.Soil is a living and life-giving substance, without which we would perish.

As world population and food production demands rise, keeping our soil healthy and productive is of paramount importance. So much so that we believe improving the health of our Nation's soil is one of the most important endeavors of our time.

By focusing more attention on soil health and by educating our customers and the public about the positive impact healthy soils can have on productivity and conservation, we can help our Nation's farmers and ranchers feed the world more profitably and sustainably - now and for generations to come.

The resources on this soil health section of our site are designed to help visitors understand the basics and benefits of soil health and to learn about Soil Health Management Systems from farmers who are using those systems.

So whether you’re a farmer, a researcher, a conservationist or an interested citizen, the information on this site will help you “Unlock the Secrets in the Soil." 

Meet Robbie Howard, who realized one of the biggest benefits of soil health is measured in time. Because now the soybean and corn farmer has more of it for his family and for his new found love – golf. Friday on the farm.

Soil Health Resources

Soil health “lessons in a minute” by Ray Archuleta and John Stika, NRCS

The Science of Soil Health series by Dr. Buz Kloot, University of South Carolina

Soil health videos by Ray Archuleta, NRCS

Soil health concepts by other presenters

Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education (SARE)

Other printed information

Soil Health Profile Good Pasture Management Leads to Good Soil Health - The Chandlers needed all the help they could get, so they recruited the help of the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). Using the Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP), the Chandlers began the process of improving the existing resources to improve forage health, productivity and the vigor of their farm.

Use the Georgia Soil Health Card (PDF) (505 KB) to evaluate the baseline and improved soil health in your field.

How Cover Crops Make Healthier Soil - This is a simple illustration of how cover crops make the soil healthier and other benefits.

Additional information is available through the NRCS Soil Health website.

Soil health PowerPoint presentations

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