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Conservation of Private Grazing Land

Range and pasture lands are comprised of herbaceous plants and shrubs, providing forage for beef cattle, dairy cattle, sheep, goats, horses and other types of domestic livestock. Many species of wildlife, ranging from big game such as elk to small nesting song birds, such as meadowlarks, depend on these lands for food and cover.

We work with private landowners to enhance private grazing and range lands.  Through the Conservation of Private Grazing Lands Program, partner organizations and technical service providers, we provide technical assistance to grazing land owners and managers as they develop and apply conservation treatments to improve the quality and of their soil, water, air, plants and animals.  Conservation plans are prepared with owners and managers that address livestock production efficiency, forage production and quality and wildlife habitats.

More Information

For additional information on the conservation of private grazing land, visit the national grazing land website or range and pasture website.

Program Contact

State rangeland management specialist, 352-338-9532.