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Are You an Eligible Producer?

  • Are you an individual, or do you have signatory authority for an entity/organization (not a government agency or municipality)?
  • Are you engaged in an agricultural production or forestry operation associated with the land being offered for enrollment?
  • Do you have control of the land for the duration of a 1-10 year contract and permission to install structural and vegetative practices?
  • Is your Adjusted Gross Income less than $900,000?
  • Are you in compliance with the Highly Erodible Land and Wetland Provisions of the Farm Bill?

Is Your Land Eligible for EQIP?

Is it agricultural land, non-industrial private forest land, or other land on which agricultural products, livestock, or forest-related products are produced?

Agricultural Products Include Livestock Products Include
Grains or row crops Alpacas
Tobacco Beef cattle
Seed crops Bison
Vegetables or fruits Dairy cattle
Hay, forage, or pasture Fish or other animals raised by aquaculture
Orchards or vineyards Horses
Flowers or bulbs Llamas
Naval stores Ratites
Field-grown ornamentals Poultry
Plant materials, including those grown in greenhouses Sheep or goats
Trees Turkeys
Other agricultural commodities

Other crops used for subsistence

Other crops identified by the State Conservationist, considering the advice of the State Technical Committee

All other livestock or fowl produced as part of agricultural operations on farms or ranches identified by the State Conservationist, considering the advice of the State Technical Committee

Is the land privately owned, Native American land, or public land that meets the following?

  • The land is a working component of the participant's agricultural operations
  • The land is under the participant's control for the term of the contract
  • The conservation practices to be implemented are necessary and will contribute to the improvement of an identified resource concern
  • Is there an identified, existing, natural resource concern that may be addressed?
  • Has the land been irrigated two out of the last five years? (Necessary in order to install water conservation/irrigation practices)