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Drought Information

Arkansas Drought Information

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Drought Technical Assistance Available from NRCS (Prevention, Maintenance and Recovery)

Conservation Technical Assistance (CTA) - The CTA Program provides land users with proven conservation technology and the delivery system needed to achieve the benefits of a healthy and productive landscape. The primary purposes of the CTA Program are to:

  • Reduce soil loss from erosion
  • Solve soil, water quality, water conservation, air quality, and agricultural waste management problems
  • Reduce potential damage caused by excess water and sedimentation or drought
  • Enhance the quality of fish and wildlife habitat
  • Improve the long term sustainability of all lands, including cropland, forestland, grazing lands, coastal lands, and developed and/or developing lands
  • Assist others in facilitating changes in land use as needed for natural resource protection and sustainability

This program does not include financial assistance. However, through the CTA Program, clients may develop conservation plans, which may serve as a springboard for them to enter into financial assistance and easement conservation programs provided by other Federal, State, and local programs. There are no fees or charges to the land user for this service.

Drought Related Resource Concerns and Conservation Practices that Address Those Concerns - A conservation plan looks at resource concerns on private lands and gives landowners a framework for addressing those areas. The link provides a list of resource concerns and some of the conservation practices that address those concerns.


Drought Fact Sheets and Publications


Other Drought Resources

If you need more information about assistance available from NRCS, please contact your local USDA Service Center, or your local conservation district.