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Nutrient Management Certification

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Nutrient Management Certification

The nutrient management certificate is issued for two years and renewed every other year. To comply with all other requirements, applicants seeking certification renewal need to provide proof of satisfactory completion within the past year of at least six hours of continuing education in the form of workshops or other training programs, which are approved by the WV Department of Agriculture (WVDA) and are available at

The purpose of continuing education is to review nutrient management concepts and their practical applications. These training sessions shall provide the latest research findings and new technologies related to management of nutrients. WVDA in cooperation with the West Virginia University Extension Service and other organizations and agencies organize continuing education courses or workshops and provide scheduling for certified consultants and the public.
The private sector or other agencies and institutions may organize nutrient management related training programs covering specific needs of their staffs and other interested individuals. Information about a training course, workshop or seminar must be mailed to WVDA, Nutrient Management Program for review and approval. (Complete form WVDA NMP5)

These files require Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat DocumentWVDA form NMP5.pdf (70 KB)

Adobe Acrobat Document WVDA form NMP6.pdf (91 KB)

Adobe Acrobat Document WVDA Nutrient Management Program Application for Certification.pdf (113 KB)

Adobe Acrobat Document Nutrient Management Certification Exam Application Requirements.pdf (90 KB)

Adobe Acrobat Document Employers must complete form NMP2A.pdf (76 KB)

Adobe Acrobat Document Information and Guidelines Regarding Continuing Education Requirements for Certification Renewals.pdf (90 KB)

Proof of attendance and completion of the course must be provided by the organizer of the training program. (Complete form WVDA NMP6)

For more information contact the West Virginia Department of Agricultural, Nutrient Management Program, 1900 Kanawha Boulevard, East, Charleston, WV 25305, Attention: Brenda Mobley.