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News Release

NRCS 2019 Watershed Funding Opportunity Announcement

Pamela Yost

NRCS is currently accepting proposals for the Watershed and Flood Prevention Operations Program.  This is a competitive opportunity for partners and local sponsors to seek funding through the Small Watershed Programs (PL 83-566 and PL78-534) that are administered by NRCS.    Funds are available in three categories 1) remedial work on existing watershed projects, 2) backlog projects which have an existing authorized watershed plan, and 3) new projects.   Proposals for remedial projects and backlog projects must be submitted by July 24, 2019.  Please contact NRCS for more information on projects that may qualify for remedial or backlog funding. 

New project proposals will be accepted through October 1, 2019.   Interested parties should contact NRCS by August 15 for guidance and assistance in preparing proposals for new projects. 

General information about this program can be found at the NRCS website

Please contact Pamela Yost at or (304) 284-7572 for more information.