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Engineering CAD Training Tools - Civil 3D 2014

Wisconsin has developed help sheets for 2014 Civil 3D.  More help sheets will be available soon.

The following documents require Adobe Reader.

Topic Description
Initial Setup How to download and save the CUI and template files, and change default TEMP files and  permissions.  Only needs to be done once or when the CUI and/or template change.
Starting a New Drawing How to start a new drawing, set the coordinate system, rename, and save the new drawing.
Creating Points How to export points from the data collector into Civil 3D 2014 using Windows Mobile Device Center.
Creating Surfaces How to create a surface from a point file, points, and LIDAR.
Creating Alignments and Profiles How to create and modify alignments and profiles. 
Creating Assemblies and Corridors How to create and modify Assemblies and Corridors.
Creating Cross Sections

How to create and modify cross sections for sampling surfaces.

Calculating Volumes Civil 3D 2014 How to calculate volumes in Civil 3D 2014 using the new Volumes Dashboard.
Borrowing a License With Civil 3D 2014 For NRCS computer users. How to borrow a Civil 3D license for use when not connected to the NRCS network.
Referencing Raster Images How to reference raster images into your CAD drawing using Data Connect.
Grading a Simple Pond Three methods for creating a simple rectangular pond.
Importing GIS Data from Web Soil Survey Importing GIS soils data and labels for an area of interest into Civil 3D from Web Soil Survey.