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Engineering CAD Training Tools - Civil 3D 2018

Wisconsin has developed help sheets for 2018 Civil 3D. More help sheets will be available soon.

The following documents require Adobe Reader.

Topic Description
Initial Setup How to download and save the CUI and template files, change default TEMP files and permissions, and a brief explanation of the NRCS toolset. Initial setup only needs to be done once or when the CUI and/or template change.
Installing NRCS Tools CUI

Instructions for installing the NRCS Tools CUI on NRCS Computers. Tools include Stage Storage Computation, Points to Profile, Calculate Acres, Plunge Pool Design, to name a few.

Exporting Shapefiles from Civil 3D Instructions for exporting shapefiles (.shp) with attributes from Civil 3D for use in programs such as ArcMap.
Coordinate System Transformation

Instructions for performing a coordinate system transformation in Civil 3D. The process is useful when your master drawing has a different coordinate system than your survey point file.

Hatching Profiles
in Civil 3D

Instructions for adding hatch patterns to areas of cut and fill in a surface profile view.
Plotting a Construction Plan to PDF Instructions for plotting an entire construction plan to a PDF file in a few easy steps.
Creating a Point Report in Civil 3D Instructions for creating a customized point report for the construction folder.
Creating a Surface in Civil 3D From Contours Created in ArcMap Instructions for creating contours from LIDAR data in ArcMap and exporting the contours to Civil 3D as a working surface.
Transforming Latitude-Longitude Point Files to North-Easting Instructions for transforming point files surveyed in Latitude-Longitute to a North-Easting based coordinate system for use in the Civil 3D.
Adjusting the Datum of a Point Group in Civil 3D Instructions for changing elevations of an entire point group in Civil 3D with a few easy steps.