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Engineering CAD Training Tools


Land Desktop CAD Training Tools


Assistance documents for basic CAD drawing functions and importing survey information from data collectors are available below.



These documents require Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, or Microsoft PowerPoint.


New Project Setup  (PPT) How Does the Drawing Look  (PPT)
3D Poly Lines  (PPT) 3D Face Shading  (PPT)
Protecting Daylight Lines  (PPT) Add a Layout From Another Drawing  (PPT)
Creating a New Surface  (PPT) Adding Additional Points Into An Existing Survey  (PPT)
Creating Stationing and Profiles  (PPT) Copy Objects From Model Space To Paper Space  (PPT)
Adding Break Lines  (PPT) Use of Description Keys  (PPT)
Customizing Your Workspace  (PPT) Hatching Object  (PPT)
Dimensioning in Paper Space  (PDF) Radial Stake Out of Points  (PPT)
Data Collector Setup  (DOC) Creating Icons, Toolbars, and Sharing Toolbars  (PPT)
Download Data Collector  (DOC) Rotating Viewport Angle  (PPT)
Paper Space Introduction  (PPT) Save A Drawing As A Template  (PPT)
Vertical Alignments, Profiles, and Templates  (PPT) How To Create TIFFs  In State Plane Coordinates  (DOC)
Re-Attaching a Lost Photo  (DOC)


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