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Engineering CAD Drawings

NOTICE: The following standard detail drawings have been developed to assist in the installation of typical engineering practices.  The designer is responsible to insure the site conditions, structure function, hydraulic and structural requirements are not exceeded when selecting the applicable standard detail drawing.  Standard detail drawings and standard designs must be adapted to the specific site conditions.

Wisconsin standard detail drawings are either structural or non-structural.  Wisconsin Supplements WI-536.71 and WI-536.73 to the National Engineering Manual (NEM), contains the policy for use of all standard detail drawings.

The design folders for structural standard detail drawings are on file at the NRCS State Office in Madison.

These engineering drawings and plans are available for free download and use.   Select the drawing series category for a listing of available drawings.


Drawing Series     List of all Standard Detail Drawings (as of 3/30/22)

General Drawings:  No. 001 - 099
Pond Data:  No. 100 - 199
Pond Structural Detail:  No. 200 - 299
Grade Stabilization Structure:  No. 300 - 399
Surface Inlets, Vegetated Channels, Streambank Protection, Channel Crossings, Roof Runoff, Inlets for Livestock Sediment Basins, Heavy Use Protection:  No. 400 - 499
Waste Storage:  No. 500 - 599
Drainage:  No. 600 - 699
Fences, Erosion Control, Manure Reception Tanks:  No. 700 - 799
Irrigation: No. 800-899
Silage Leachate, ACI 350 slab-on-grade Concrete, Stream Habitat, and Other Miscellaneous Drawings:  No. 900 - 999

For more information on current or archived Wisconsin Standard Drawings, email