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Engineering CAD Training Tools


Civil 3D 2008 CAD Training Tools


Assistance documents for Civil 3D CAD drawing functions and importing survey information from data collectors are available below.



The following documents require Adobe Reader.


Download Points  (PDF; 40 KB) Download points from a data collector using Microsoft Active Sync.
Getting Started  (PDF; 714 KB) Create a new drawing, import points, create existing ground surface (create contours).
Combining Two Surveys (PDF; 87 KB) Move and rotate points from two different surveys from the same site that have common points.
Alignments and Profiles  (PDF; 286 KB) Create alignments and profiles for existing and finished ground.
Cross Sections  (PDF; 451 KB) Create cross sections for many different practices.  Calculate earthwork volumes and area for waterways, diversions, and similar practices.
Assemblies and Corridors  (PDF; 735 KB) Model and generate grading for waterways, diversions, and similar practices.  Create a channel template and a 3D model of a proposed design based on alignments, profiles, and assemblies.  Create a surface from a corridor, print the surface, and create stake-out points.
Grading - Dam without Spillway Example 
(PDF; 575 KB)
Draw a simple dam (no spillway) using feature lines and grading creation tools to compute volumes.
Grading - Dam with Spillway Example 
(PDF; 1 MB)
Draw a complex dam with a semicircular berm around the pipe inlet and an emergency spillway using grading creation tools to compute the volumes.
Grading - Manure Storage Facility Example  (PDF; 403 KB) Draw an earthen pit using feature lines, grading creation tools, and computing volumes.
Helpful Hints  (PDF; 221 KB) Several quick hints on Civil 3D functionality.
Wisconsin FIPS Codes for Aerial Photo Insertion  (PDF; 319 KB) Map of Wisconsin showing the county FIPS codes used for aerial photo insertion into Civil 3D.
Point Group Raw Descriptions
(PDF; 41 KB)
A list of raw descriptions included in the point groups for the Wisconsin Civil 3D Template.
Wisconsin State Plane Coordinate Zones
(PDF; 94 KB)
Map of Wisconsin State Plane Coordinate Zones for Surveying and Imagery.
Inserting Imagery with Coordinates from Arcmap into Civil 3D  (PDF; 584 KB) How bring ortho imagery with coordinates into a Civil 3D drawing.


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