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Archived NRCS Engineering Standards and Specifications (Ag Waste Related)


Archived Standards

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Standard 309, Agrichemical Handling Facility

Standard 312, Waste Management System

Standard 313, Waste Storage Facility

Standard 316, Animal Mortality Facility

Standard 350, Sediment Basin

Standard 351, Well Decommissioning (formally Water Well Decommissioning)

Standard 355, Groundwater Testing (formally Well Water Testing)

Standard 358, Waste Transfer

Standard 360, Waste Facility Closure (formerly Closure of Waste Impoundments)

Standard 393, Filter Strip

Standard 412, Grassed Waterway

Standard 425, Waste Storage Pond

Standard 447, Irrigation System, Tailwater Recovery

Standard 449, Irrigation Water Management

Standard 527, Karst Sinkhole Treatment

Standard 558, Roof Runoff Structure

Standard 560, Access Road

Standard 561, Heavy Use Area Protection

Standard 568, Trails and Walkways (removed, incorporated into 575)

Standard 570, Stormwater Runoff Control

Standard 575, Trails and Walkways (formally Animal Trails and Walkways)

Standard 578, Stream Crossing

Standard 582, Open Channel

Standard 584, Channel Bed Stabilization

Standard 600, Terrace

Standard 614, Watering Facility

Standard 629, Waste Treatment

Standard 632, Solid/Liquid Waste Separation Facility

Standard 634, Manure Transfer

Standard 635, Vegetated Treatment Area (formerly Wastewater Treatment Strip)

Standard 642, Well Water

Archived Specifications

The following documents require Adobe Reader.

Specification 4, Concrete

Specification 10, Fences

Specification 300, Clay Liner

Specification 634, Waste Transfer Pipe