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Red Cedar River Rapid Watershed Assessment

Red Cedar River Rapid Watershed Assessment Document   Note: this is a 3MB file and may take several minutes to load. (pdf,3.0MB)

Rapid Watershed Assessment Matrix Tools

Rapid Watershed Assessment consists of two parts: a watershed profile and an assessment matrix.  A resource profile compiles the best readily-available data with physical, biological and sociological characterization of watershed resources.  The rapid assessment matrix summarizes, in tabular form, current resource conditions and related maintenance costs. It also summarizes desired resource conditions, conservation opportunities and related installation and maintenance costs, qualitative effects on primary resource concerns and potential funding sources for conservation implementation. The following spreadsheets for the Red Cedar River Watershed are listed below.

These spreadsheets display a warning that is embedded in the database. Please just enter "update" and "continue"  to display the matrix. No data is compromised by these notices.