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NRCS Certified Planners

Wisconsin NRCS Recognized Private Sector Conservation Planners

Wisconsin NRCS recognizes the following private sector individuals as having completed the training necessary to write and approve Resource Management System (RMS) Conservation Plans.  These individuals may develop RMS plans that are utilized as the contract support document for Wisconsin NRCS funded cost sharing contracts.  They are also approved to develop RMS plans funded by the Wisconsin Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP).  Wisconsin NRCS recognition does not qualify an individual as a Technical Service Provider (TSP) as defined by the NRCS TechReg web site and policy.

Wisconsin NRCS requires that a "recognized" conservation planner utilize the services of a professional engineer when making conservation practice recommendation involving constructed practices.  This requirement is based on Wisconsin state law which recognizes the planning, design, or evaluation of most structural conservation practices as constituting the "practice of engineering."

Additional qualified RMS conservation planners can be found on the TechReg website (  TechReg certified individuals are recognized as Technical Service Providers.

Conservation Planners

Name Affiliation Location Contact Information
Polenske, Jeff Consultant Hortonville 920-858-5765
Popple, Tim Popple Consulting Osseo 715-597-2424
Prill, Todd Prill Crop Consulting Chippewa Falls 715-726-9146
Wienkes, Mark Consultant Sparta 608-269-3402