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Farmland Conservation Choices

Farm Conservation Solutions

Photo of farmland in a jigsaw puzzle.Across Wisconsin, farmland owners and operators face the challenge of making a living from the land, while protecting our natural resources. The key to meeting this challenge successfully is a plan for managing all the farm’s resources.

A plan is like a jigsaw puzzle, a complete picture made up of many interlocking pieces. On a farm, each conservation practice works in combination with others to complete a picture.

When designing a resource management plan for your farm, the first step is to take an inventory of all the pieces. Think about every field, pasture, pond, stream, wetland, and woodland. Then consider which conservation practices would fit together. 

Not using good conservation practices can be costly and bad for the environment.  See what happens and the problems created when good conservation practices aren't followed.

Farm Conservation Checklist

What natural resources are on my farm?

What crops will I grow?

Am I using crop rotations to reduce pest and disease problems?

What type of wildlife would I like to encourage on my farm?

Have I minimized erosion and runoff?

Can I use wetlands or buffer strips to filter runoff water?

Am I making the best use of manure and other nutrients on my cropland?

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Here are some common conservation practices and how they help improve a farm and the environment:

Questions?  Ask a Conservationist!