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Customer Service Toolkit - Wisconsin Task Guides

The following Task Guides have been developed to be used as guidance for specific tasks in Toolkit.  The flowcharts demonstrate the order of these tasks in the conservation planning process.  All documents require Adobe Reader.


Z_01.0 Searching for a Customer File
Z_02.0 Creating New OR Editing Existing Planned Land Units
Z_03.0 Working with Toolkit 4.1 Data
Z_04.0 Creating a Soil Map
Z_05.0 Practice Schedule

Task Guides

A. Starting Toolkit

A_01.0 Starting Customer Service Toolkit
A_02.0 Preferences
A_03.0 Folder Tab Overview
A  04.0 Advanced Toolkit Permissions

B. Customer File Search

B_01.0 Search for Customer
B_02.0 Check Out & Open Customer File
B_03.0 Search for Toolkit 4.1 Folder
B_04.0 Look for Legacy Data
B_05.0 Run Check In Wizard
B_06.0 Create New Customer
B_07.0 Check Customer In

C. Customer Folder Tab

C_01.0 Overview of General Tab
C_02.0 Overview of Assistance Notes Tab
C_03.0 Overview of Land Units Tab
C_04.0 Overview of Practice Schedule Tab
C_05.0 Overview of Customer Files Tab
C_06.0 Reporting Practices
C_07.0 Adding an Associate Customer

D. Basic Toolkit in ArcMap

D_01.0 ArcGIS Icons Overview
D_02.0 Toolkit Toolbar in ArcGIS
D_03.0 Total Acres Tool
D_04.0 Soils Map and Inventory Tool
D_05.0 Create Buffers
D_06.0 New “Make Your Own” Layer
D_07.0 New Practice Layer
D_08.0 New Resource Inventory Layer

E. Creating new PLU in ArcMap

F_01.0 Open New ArcGIS Map Document
F_02.0 New Planned Land Units
F_03.0 Attributing the Land Units


F. Labeling & Layouts

G_01.0 Labeling the Land Units
G_01.1 Labeling a Soil Map
G_02.0 Map Layouts in Toolkit

G. Practice Schedule

H_01.0 Conservation System Guide Overview
H_02.0 Schedule Practices
H_03.0 Creating a Plan Document
H_04.0 Change Practices
H_05.0 Add Practices
H_06.0 Delete Practices
H_07.0 Update Plan Document

H. Contracts

I_01.0 Create a Contract
I_02.0 Update a Contract

I. Assistance Notes

J_01.0 Working with Assistance Notes

J. Update Land Units

K_01.0 Open Existing ArcMap Document
K_02.0 Add Land Units
K_03.0 Delete Land Units
K_04.0 Editing the Planned Land Units Layer
K_05.0 Update Layout

K. Advanced ArcMap

L_01.0 Select by Attributes
L_02.0 Editing the Annotation Layer
L_03.0 Transparency of Data Layers
L_04.0 Unique Value Symbology in ArcMap
L_05.0 Add/Remove Data Layers in ArcMap
L_06.0 Changing Symbology in ArcMap
L_07.0 Saving Symbology in ArcMap
L_08.0 Layer Names in ArcMap
L_09.0 Custom Template Creation
L_10.0 Changing the Legend Layout
L_11.0 Toolkit Practice Style Symbology in ArcMap