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RUSLE2 - Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation 2

RUSLE2 - Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation 2

NEW!!  Current Version: RUSLE2 Version (Oct 19, 2005)

November 21, 2005 – New version of the RUSLE2 program has been released. The old version must be uninstalled and not deleted before the new version can be installed. If you use delete to remove the old RUSLE2 program you will lose all your databases support within the RUSLE2 program. See instruction listed below in RUSLE2 Guidance Documents on proper installation of new RUSLE2 program. This new version of RUSLE2 is the official RUSLE2 program that is to be used. It has several upgrades including change in erodibility factors due to new science. Download the new version of RUSLE2 from the program file folder

You will also find a new Base database of RUSLE2 posted on the national RUSLE2 website. This update contains several new crops and tillage tools that have been developed. New RUSLE2 operations have been added that include combination tools under seedbed finishers and seedbed conditioners. Important updates that effect the management operations such as Phoenix and Phillips Harrow are also listed in this new database.  See Tillage Equipment Identification Guide listed below for information specific to equipment. 

To download the new database updates go to the RUSLE2 website subfolder called “Latest Base Database Updates” within the Base Database folder: NRCS_Moses_updates_030104to102505.gdb. By doing a simple import of the entire contents of this update file, the import will add all new and recently edited or corrected records.

The Crop Management Zone 4 (not 4.1) and 1 have also been updated and need to be imported into the new RUSLE2 program. Northern Wisconsin uses CMZ1.0 and the rest of the state uses CMZ4.0.  Refer to map on RUSLE2 website for your specific county zone You can down load these crop management zones by going to the RUSLE2 website and click in Crop_Management_Templates\CMZ4 and CMZ1 and save it to your computer then do an import of these files into the RUSLE2 program management folder.

Counties Soils Databases – County soils data has been updated in most Wisconsin counties. If the soils file of the county you are working with has been modified since you downloaded it into RUSLE2 you will need to save the county soil data file and save it to your computer then do an import of the file into the RUSLE2 program soils folder.  You will know you have the latest file successfully imported when the organic soils now function in RUSLE2.

Yields used for RUSLE2 – When calculating RUSLE2 (Soil Conditioning Index and Soil Tillage Intensity Rating), determine the Dominant Critical Soil and use the yield associated within the eFOTG. Do not adjust these yields without adequate long term documentation specific to those soils on that field.  The Dominant Critical Soil guidance is available on this website.