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MLRA 95B Kewaunee Sand Capped Project

The Kewaunee series is mapped primarily in the eastern portion of Wisconsin in clayey till parent material on moraines.  In Adams County, Kewaunee is mapped in outwash areas and has a sandy cap over the clayey till.  This sandy cap is not recognized in the official series description of Kewaunee; however users have identified a prevalence of this.  This sandy cap would greatly impact use and interpretations.

This project would involve talking to local planners and users and would have potential for electro-magnetic induction (EMI) and possibly ground-penetrating radar (GPR) usage.  About 12,000 acres of Kewaunee soils are mapped in Adams County; a description of how Kewaunee was originally mapped is available in the Adams County Soil Survey manuscript. This project would also examine the Montello series; specifically, the map units labeled MsA and MsB, in Marquette County that join to the Kewaunee map units in Adams County. The Marquette County Soil Survey manuscript noted that a cap of loamy material <18inches over the silty or clayey material is possible.  Thus far, a sample from one pit in Adams County has been sent to the Kellogg National Soil Survey Lab in Lincoln, NE for analysis.

For more information about this project, contact:

Karla Petges
Project Soil Scientist, USDA-NRCS
Juneau WI MLRA Soil Survey Office
920-386-9999 ext. 136

Juneau MLRA Soil Survey Crew collecting samples for laboratory analysis  

A Kewaunee soil profile  


Extent of Kewaunee and Montello soils as mapped in Adams and Marquette Counties