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Statewide Assistance:  

USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Service
8030 Excelsior Drive
Madison, WI  53717
Phone (608) 662-4422

Jennifer Smith, State Soil Scientist
(608) 662-4422, ext. 202

Andrew Paolucci, Assistant State Soil Scientist
(608) 662-4422, ext. 243

Craig Surman, Acting GIS Coordinator
(608) 662-4422

Tyler Raeder, Wetland Compliance Coordinator
(608) 662-4422, ext. 278


For other assistance

Major Land Resource Area assistance, provided by MLRA Soil Survey staff on the soil survey, soil attribute data and GIS data.

Local assistance provided by resource soil scientists who provide a wide range of local soils assistance including prime farmland protection and LESA.