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Highlights from Wisconsin Cooperative Soil Science Program: Learn about our stories and updates made possible through a shared purpose and commitment to helping people understand soils and deliver the best science-based soils information.

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Soil Science Division Updates

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  • Connecticut – Soil Technology Featured at Tribal Summit and NEDC Training
  • Mississippi – Rachel Stout-Evans Recognized with 2018 Plant Materials Special Service Award
  • Montana – Region 4 Staff Present Break-Out Sessions at Montana NRCS All-Employee Meeting
  • Wisconsin – Rockfest – A Bedrock Mapping Field Day
  • Geophysical Training and Assistance Completed with NRCS Staff in Georgia
  • Alaska – Soil Survey Staff Conducts Sampling at Several NEON Sites Across State
  • Colorado – Region 4 MLRA Offices and Region 5 SDQS Collaborate to Sample NEON at Yellowstone National Park
  • Colorado – USDA NRCS Soils Colorado State Fair Exhibit
  • New Mexico – NM NRCS, Santa Fe SSO, and Region 8-Ecological Site Development Workgroup Meeting
  • Wisconsin – WI NRCS Releases Soil Colors of State Parks and Forest Publication
  • Colorado and Region 4 – Grand Junction Field Review and Technical Assistance
  • New Hampshire and Tolland, CT (12-TOL) Soil Survey Office
  • New York and Paul Smiths, NY (12-PAS) Soil Survey Office – Painting with Soils Workshop
  • NCSS Newsletter, Issue 84 is Available
  • Colorado – MLRA Offices Collaborate to Collect Soils Data on Three Different Land Management Practices
  • Montana – Missoula MLRA Office Staff Teach Soils to Montana Youth
  • Comparing VNIR and MIR Spectroscopy Webinar
  • South Dakota – 2018 North Central Regional Cooperative Soil Survey Conference
  • Washington – Region 1 Staff Assist NEON with Sampling in the Wind River Experimental Forest
  • DSM Update Mapping Sub-Team Begins with Focus on Standards and Job Aids
  • Cacao for Peace
  • EMI Surveys Conducted to Assess Changes in Salinity in Hurricane Inundated Areas along the Gulf Coast of Louisiana
  • Louisiana – NRCS Represented at Ecological Society of America Conference
  • Minnesota – Cooperative Soil Health Effort – Dynamic Soil Property Sampling in Fergus Falls
  • New York — NRCS Soil Scientists Conduct a Soils Tour at Paul Smith’s College
  • Utah – Nature High Summer Camp
  • Northeast-South Joint Regional Soil Survey Workshop
  • CEAP – Evaluation of Ecological Site Classes and Community Classes on Conservation Effects on Grazing Lands for MLRAs 53B, 54, 60A
  • Web Soil Survey Webinar for National Park Service
  • International Soil Information and Reference Centre (ISRIC) Scientist Visits National Soil Survey Center
  • Colorado – Regions 4, 5, and CO NRCS Team up to Sample NEON at Niwot Ridge Mountain Research Station
  • Hawaii – Soil Scientists assist NEON at the Puu Makaala Natural Area Reserve Site
  • Idaho – National Envirothon Hosted by Idaho
  • NSSC Provides Geophysical Assistance and Training in Alabama
  • National Soil Survey Center and Nebraska NRCS Partners with University of Nebraska for Soil Health Workshop
  • Training Delivered for the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Soils Document Manager
  • Technical Soil Services Training Delivered
  • Soil Spectroscopy Scientist Visits the National Soil Survey Center
  • California – NRCS Scientist participates in Soil Health Workshop at Big Lagoon Rancheria
  • Idaho – Forest Service, NRCS Collaborate on Ecological Site Development
  • Utah – BLM Soils Day
  • Coastal Zone Soil Survey Team Member Takes US Fish and Wildlife Service Motorboat Operator Certification Course (MOCC)
  • National Ecological Site Team at the Jornada Symposium
  • New Ecological Site Database is off to a Fast Start
  • California – NRCS Soil Scientists Participate in the Forestry Institute for Teachers in Humboldt
  • Montana – Dillon MLRA Crew Talks ESDs and Range Monitoring to Producers
  • Wyoming – 2018 Big Horn Basin ESD Field Day
  • Digital Soil Mapping Resources Online
  • Digital Soil Mapping Focus Team Introduces Update Mapping Sub-Team
  • The Kellogg Soil Survey Lab Releases a Suite of Analytical Soil Data from the EPA National Wetlands Condition Assessment
  • The National Soil Survey Center Provides Geophysical Training and Technical Assistance to the NRCS Staff in New Mexico
  • New Database for Ecological Sites is Available
  • California – Field Day with Forestry Institute for Teachers near Sonora
  • New York – Subaqueous Soil Survey of Jamaica Bay, New York City
  • Virginia – New USDA Pathways Employee Soil & Wetland Training
  • The What’s What – NRCS Raster Soil Data Products
  • Vulnerability Assessment Articles
  • California – Region 2 Soils Staff Assist with TSCAN Installation in California
  • Colorado – Presenting “Mud Pies” at Annual Western Colorado Children’s Water Festival
  • Connecticut – USDA NRCS Invited to the 2018 Association for Gravestone Studies Conference
  • Iowa – Waverly Soil Survey Office Completes monoliths for National Soil Survey Center
  • National Technical Committee for Hydric Soils
  • Field Soil Survey Staff Touch Millions
  • GIS Tools and NASIS Reports Webinar
  • Colorado – 2018 Ag 101 Workshop for Teachers
  • Utah – Soils 101 for the Utah Division of Oil, Gas and Mining
  • National Soil Survey Handbook Updates
  • R Powered Shiny Apps Webinar
  • R Powered Shiny Apps Webinar
  • Society of Wetland Scientists Meeting
  • Kellogg Soil Survey Lab Database and Midrange-Infrared Spectra Training
  • Connecticut – 2018 Connecticut Envirothon Competition at Topsmead State Forest
  • Mississippi – Advanced Hydric Soils for Soil Scientists Course
  • NCSS Newsletter, Issue 83 is Available
  • McGhee Receives Alabama Honorary State Future Farmers of America (FFA) Degree
  • Missouri – NRCS SCAN Site Installation
  • Texas – Soil Science Activities at the Cherokee Rose Festival
  • Texas – Students Participate in Soils Demonstration at the Eastman Chemical Nature Center
  • New York – NRCS Presents Soils Information at the Federation of New York Solid Waste Associations Conference
  • Wyoming – Powell Soil Survey Office Trains Wyoming NRI Contractors to Describe Soils
  • DSM Focus Team Webinar
  • Collaborative Multi-Year Salinity Project Between NRCS, University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez and local Cooperators Utilizing Electromagnetic Induction (EMI) Technology
  • Minnesota – 2018 Annual Cooperative Soil Science Meeting
  • NRCS Statement on Conservation Technical Assistance Program Activities with No Potential to Cause Effects to Historic Properties
  • Executive Leadership Program Overview and Developmental Assignment Webinar
  • AMA 2018 PRISM Award
  • Outreach Program Continues
  • Michigan – Agenda for Soil Survey Work Planning Conference
  • Montana – Dillon MLRA Office Participates in Local Field Day
  • New Jersey – Combining geophysical and geochemical studies in urban agriculture
  • Wyoming – Northwest College Principles of Rangeland Management Class Lab Assistance
  • Wyoming – 2018 Big Horn Basin ESD Field Day
  • NYC Urban Soils Institute Webinar
  • Colorado – 2018 State FFA Career Development Event in Land Judging hosted by NRCS
  • Oregon – NRCS Updates OR/WA BLM at the Annual Aquatic, Soil, Water, and Air Meeting
  • University of Wyoming – Hydromorphology of Highly Calcareous Hydric Soils in Western Wyoming
  • CEAP Science Note: Estimating Effects of Wetland Conservation Practices in Modeling for Croplands
  • Announcement of 2018 NCSS Award Recipients
  • EPA Office of Water “Partners-of-OW Award”
  • Soil Geomorphic Institute 2018 Las Cruces, NM
  • National Agronomy Workshop on Agronomy Coordination Activities, Conservation Practice Standards, and Tour of New England Agricultural Systems in Vermont
  • North Dakota – Dynamic Soil Properties Project Planning in North Dakota
  • Wisconsin – Earth Team Volunteer Cadre Recognized during National Volunteer Week
  • Janella Cruz Receives 2018 NOPHNRCSE Award
  • DSM Webinar Series
  • Intro DSM Training Delivered
  • Soil Geomorphology Institute (SGI) Is Underway in Las Cruces New Mexico
  • GlobalSoilMap Web Services Released
  • Alabama – 2018 State FFA Land Career Development Event Held in Shelby County
  • Idaho – Earth Day Celebrated at Fiddler’s Green Farm
  • Montana – Dillon MLRA Office Leads Local Field Day
  • Montana – SSD Region 4, Forest Service, and Geospatial Technology and Applications Center Staff Plan for Bob Marshall Wilderness Project
  • North Carolina – Career Day 2018 Falls Lake Academy
  • National Technical Committee for Hydric Soils Annual Business Meeting
  • Environmental Protection Agency Recognizes the Soil Science Division with the 2016 Office of Water Award
  • Statistics for Soil Survey Part 1 Training Delivered
  • Soil Datasets Webinar
  • Rock and Other Fragments Video Released
  • DSM in Practice Webinar
  • New Technology at the Kellogg Soil Survey Laboratory
  • ECM Document Manager Training
  • NSSC, Kellogg Lab and Nebraska NRCS Host Students from over 20 University’s Attending the Annual Agronomy, Soils, and Environmental Sciences Conference
  • Nevada – Introducing Soil Survey Region 2’s Newest Soil Scientist
  • Pennsylvania – Conservation Innovation Grant Helps to Identify Restoration Sites in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed
  • Texas – Educating our Youth to Protect our Soils for the Future
  • National Collegiate Soil Judging Contest
  • Tennessee Students Win National Soil Judging Competition
  • Virginia Tech Captures their Second National Championship in Group Soil Judging; Places 2nd Overall; Two Qualify for International Contest
  • Maryland Soil Judging Team Earns Top Four Finish at National Contest
  • Iowa State University Soils Team Places Sixth at National Contest
  • Clemson Student Soils Team Places National Contest
  • State Geologists Meet with NRCS
  • Digital Soil Mapping with ArcSIE Training Completed, Morgantown, WV
  • Spatial Analysis Workshop Completed
  • Soil Microbial Diversity Webinar
  • Kansas – Soil Train the Trainer Session and Kansas State University Meeting on Soil Health/CIG Research Meeting
  • Soil Health Training Across Minnesota a Collaborative Effort
  • Connecticut – Buried Pipe Detection Using Ground-Penetrating Radar
  • Georgia – NRCS Represented at 2018 National Science Teachers Association Conference in Atlanta, Georgia
  • South Dakota—Region 5 Pierre MLRA SSO Participates in Ag in the Classroom Event
  • Ethics and the Hatch Act
  • Leadership Development and Recruitment Focus Team
  • Three New Ecological Site Committees are Established
  • California – National Cooperative Soil Survey State Planning Meeting and PSSAC Field Tour
  • Lyme Disease Videos
  • Science of Soil Interpretations Training Delivered
  • Science Fair Outreach Effort
  • California – Region 2 Hanford MLRA SSO Provides Soils Training to BLM Employees and Contractors
  • California – ASA-SSSA Region 6 Soil Judging Contest Held in Northern California
  • Oregon – Oregon Society of Soil Scientists Winter Meeting, Feb. 28-March 2
  • Wisconsin – Registration Open for Annual Cooperative Soil Science Meeting
  • National Cooperative Soil Survey Communications Focus Team
  • Urban Soil Focus Team – NRCS and USGS Scientists Discuss Urban Activities
  • Ag Biotech Summit 2018, Chapel Hill NC
  • Digital Soil Mapping Primer Webinar
  • Soils has 12 GovDelivery topics available
  • NRCS in the NEWS
  • National Ecological Site Team
  • Illinois – Use of Survey 123 to Collect Transect Data in the Field
  • Rhode Island – NRCS Soil Scientist Featured in Ocean and Coastal Magazine Discussing Coastal Zone Mapping and Interpretations
  • NCSS Newsletter, Issue 82, is Released
  • Leadership Development & Recruitment Focus Team
  • Outreach Focus Team - New Guidance on Fact Sheets
  • Web Soil Survey How-To Video Series Released
  • The 2018 Technical Planning Workshop for the North Dakota Cooperative Soil Survey
  • Understanding Wetland Condition and Wetland Soils at a “Deeper” Level in Wisconsin: Partner Project allows NRCS and WDNR to Achieve Common Conservation Goals
  • ArcGIS Story Map - The National Cooperative Soil Survey (NCSS)
  • Statistics for Soil Survey Part 1 Training Delivered
  • Comment Period Open for “DIGITAL SOIL MAPPING – RASTER PRODUCTS” National Soil Survey Handbook, Parts 648A and 648B
  • National Soil Survey Handbook (NSSH) is now on eDirectives
  • Interpretations Branch – Catastrophic Soil Interpretations
  • NRCS Refereed Journal Publications Are Widely Used
  • Coastal Zone Focus Team – 2018 Soil Survey Planning Workshop
  • National Hydric Soils List Formatting Change
  • National Council for Science and the Environment Conference and Global Forum
  • Connecticut – Ground-Penetrating Radar Maps Underground Network of the Black-Tailed Prairie Dog
  • North Dakota – MIR Spectrometry of Soils Prepares for Take-off in North Dakota
  • Retirement - Linda Scheffe
  • Webinar on Effective Ecological Site Collaboration
  • Forestry Interpretations Update
  • Arkansas – MLRA and Area Staff Collaborate on Dam Site Investigation
  • Montana – University of Montana Western Students Collect Data for BLM and NRCS, Cooperation Continues
  • Retirement of Charlie French
  • NASIS-ESI Calculations Released
  • Epilog to Sacred Soil by Drew Kinney
  • Maryland – 2017 National Envirothon Featured on Maryland Public Television


  • NRCS Style Guide Updates
  • Pennsylvania – Ground-Penetrating Radar Familiarization
  • Retirements