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Soil Survey Products

Soil Survey Information and Products:

Wss logo Web Soil Survey

The Web Soil Survey (WSS) is an interactive website where current soil survey information can be viewed, explored and printed without having to download the database to your computer.  Use the WSS to access soil information on areas less than or equal to 10,000 acres.

Geospatial data gateway Geospatial Data Gateway

The Geospatial Data Gateway provides one stop shopping for natural resources or environmental data at anytime, from anywhere, to anyone.  The data gateway allows you to choose your area of interest, browse and select data from our catalog, customize the format, and have it downloaded or shipped on CD or DVD.  You can also request multiple soil survey datasets.

 soil data viewer logo Soil Data Viewer

Soil Data Viewer is a free downloadable tool built as an extension to ArcMap that allows a user to create soil-based thematic maps. The application can also be run independent of ArcMap, but output is then limited to a tabular report.

OSD logo Official Series Descriptions (OSD)

This site gives you access to the official description approved by the Natural Resources Conservation Service that defines a specific soil series in the United States.  These official soil series descriptions are descriptions of the taxa in the series category of the national system of classification.  They mainly serve as specifications for identifying and classifying soils.

Soils Program Logo

NRCS National Soils Program Information

The National Soils Program provides quality soil survey information necessary for understanding, managing, conserving, and sustaining the nation's limited soil resources.


Wisconsin General Soils Map

Wisconsin Soils Program Information