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Emergency Watershed Protection Program

landscape-emergency-watershed-bannerThe purpose of the Emergency Watershed Protection (EWP) program is to undertake emergency measures, including the purchase of flood plain easements, for runoff retardation and soil erosion prevention to safeguard lives and property from floods, drought, and the products of erosion on any watershed whenever fire, flood or any other natural occurrence is causing or has caused a sudden impairment of the watershed.

It is not necessary for a national emergency to be declared for an area to be eligible for assistance. Program objective is to assist sponsors and individuals in implementing emergency measures to relieve imminent hazards to life and property created by a natural disaster. Activities include providing financial and technical assistance to remove debris from streams, protect destabilized streambanks, establish cover on critically eroding lands, repairing conservation practices, and the purchase of flood plain easements. The program is designed for installation of recovery measures. 

Wisconsin Contact for Emergency Watershed Protection Program, contact:

Steve Becker - State Conservation Engineer
8030 Excelsior Drive
Madison, WI  53717
Phone:  608-662-4422, ext. 234

More Information on EWP

Emergency Watershed Protection Program  - Floodplain Easements (FPE)

Since 1996, NRCS has been authorized to purchase floodplain easements on lands that qualify for EWP assistance. Floodplain easements restore, protect, maintain, and enhance the functions of the floodplain; conserve natural values including fish and wildlife habitat, water quality, flood water retention, ground water recharge, and open space; reduce long-term federal disaster assistance; and safeguard lives and property from floods, drought, and the products of erosion.

National NRCS Floodplain Easement Program Information and Policy

Floodplain Easements In Wisconsin

Floodplain easements are permanent conservation easement that provide the NRCS with the full authority to restore and enhance the floodplain’s functions and values. In exchange, a landowner receives the least of one of the three following values as an easement payment: (i) a geographic rate established by the NRCS state conservationist; (ii) a value based on a market appraisal analysis for agricultural uses or assessment for agricultural land; or (iii) the landowner offer.

Wisconsin Contact for Floodplain Easements: 

Greg Kidd, Asst. State Conservationist for Easement Programs
8030 Excelsior Drive
Madison, WI  53717
Phone (608) 662-4422, ext. 252