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National Water Quality Initiative - Wisconsin

Through the National Water Quality Initiative (NWQI), the Natural Resources Conservation Service will work with agricultural producers to implement voluntary conservation practices to improve water quality in high-priority watersheds while maintaining agricultural productivity. NWQI is designed to help individual agricultural producers take actions to reduce the runoff of sediment, nutrients, and pathogens into waterways where water quality is a critical concern. The goal is to implement conservation practices in focused watersheds in a concentrated area so that agriculture no longer contributes to the impairment of water bodies within these priority watersheds.

Within NWQI eligible producers may receive assistance through the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) for installing on-farm conservation practices. Eligible land is determined by NRCS and is based on an identified resource concern. Eligible producers may apply for financial assistance for conservation practices that will address the identified resource concerns. The priority resource concern for the initiative is addressing water quality degradation. Financial assistance through EQIP is available to all eligible agricultural producers regardless of operation type or size.

Wisconsin NWQI Eligible Watersheds                ‚Äč

Apply by May 21, 2021 for NWQI-EQIP Funding in 2021!

Applications for EQIP are accepted by NRCS on a continuous basis through the year. You will need to establish eligibility and farm records for your land. NRCS will help you complete an application while explaining producer and land eligibility requirements, participant responsibilities, and which conservation practices are available. Please note that commencing a conservation practice prior to contract obligation will result in ineligibility for financial assistance for that conservation practice (unless a written waiver has been approved). Beginning Farmers, Limited Resource Farmers, Socially Disadvantaged Farmers, and Veteran Farmers are encouraged to apply.

To apply, please contact your local NRCS Service Center

NWQI Program Information for Applications and Ranking in Wisconsin

For additional information contact Matt Otto, Resource Conservationist, at or (608) 662-4422, ext. 245.