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EQIP On-Farm Energy Initiative

The Farm Bill provides authority for the use of Environmental Quality Incentives Program to provide financial opportunities for producers to address on-farm energy conservation through practice implementation and for development of energy conservation plans. 

The EQIP On-Farm Energy Initiative enables the producer to identify ways to conserve energy on the farm through an Agricultural Energy Management Plan (AgEMP), also known as an on-farm energy audit; and by providing financial and technical assistance to help the producer implement various measures and practices recommended in an on-farm energy audit.


Eligible applicants include individuals, legal entities, Indian Tribes, or joint operations engaged in agricultural production.  Producers who grow agricultural commodities on eligible land and have resource concerns which may be addressed by energy conservation may participate in EQIP’s On-Farm Energy Initiative. 

Detailed information on EQIP eligibility is available on the EQIP homepage.


How EQIP Works

To initiate an application, producers should work through their local NRCS office.   NRCS staff will work with the program applicant to develop a conservation plan and an EQIP plan of operations.  This plan becomes the basis of the EQIP contract between NRCS and the producer.

NRCS may also provide financial assistance to participants for on-farm energy conservation planning services through a Technical Service Provider (TSP) to develop Conservation Activity Plans (CAP).  will be included in the plan of operations.

Applications submitted for the EQIP On-Farm Energy Initiative are accepted on a continuous basis throughout the year.  Applications are evaluated and ranked according to environmental benefits expected through implementation of approved conservation practices.

Application Information

Technical Service Provider Documents

EQIP Conservation Activity Plans -  NRCS issued technical criteria for sixteen Conservation Activity Plans (CAPs) One of these CAPs is for energy conservation:

Agricultural Energy Management Plan – Headquarters 128

Where to find Certified TSPs for AgEMPs in your state


For More Information

If you need more information about EQIP, please contact NRCS at your local USDA Service Center, or your local land conservation department.

State EQIP Contact:  Ryan Gerlich, 608-662-4422 x 227