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EQIP Conservation Practice Ranking Processes

2017 EQIP Signup

A large portion of the annual EQIP cost-sharing funds are allocated to counties for local signups for cropland and pasture practices. Each county determines which of the approved conservation practices are eligible for their signup. 

Ranking Systems

All files below are pdf, containing Application Ranking Summaries for Crop, Farmstead, Forest and Pasture lands.

LWG Map 2017


Additional Ranking Systems

Beginning Farmers

Socially Disadvantaged

Wisconsin Tribal Conservation Advisory Council (WTCAC)

Specialty Crop

Conservation Activity Plans - Ranking Criteria

Conservation Activity Plans - Wisconsin Offered

A Conservation Activity Plan or CAP can be developed for producers to identify conservation practices needed to address a specific natural resource need. Typically, these plans are specific to certain kinds of land uses, such as Transitioning to Organic Operations, Grazing Land, Forest Land, or Farmsteads. A CAP can also address a specific resource need, such as nutrient management. With a CAP plan, producers can then apply for financial assistance to implement the needed conservation practices, such as pipeline and watering facilities to implement a prescribed grazing plan.

Eligible producers may apply at their local NRCS office. EQIP payments are made directly to the program participants for development of a CAP. These CAP plans may only be developed by an NRCS-certified Technical Service Provider (TSP). To find an NRCS-certified TSP, search the TSP website.