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Earth Team Volunteers in Wisconsin

A big job well done deserves a big "thank you."

Mary Anderson has been helping out in the SW area for almost 4 years.  The Experience Works program has allowed Mary to work as an Earth Team Volunteer assisting with scanning the FSA 35mm wetlands slides.  Mary scanned slides for Richland, Sauk, Juneau, Iowa, La Crosse, Monroe and Grant counties.  That totals over 100,000 slides that were scanned!  This major undertaking would not have been accomplished without Mary’s attention to detail and patience.  Instead of the Soil Scientist having to physically visit each field office to view the slides, he can now pull them up on his computer.  This will save the agency substantial time and money for years to come.  The elimination of travel and the ability to have easily accessible photos will benefit not only NRCS, but FSA and local County Employees.  Mary will be greatly missed as she pursues other interests in 2012.