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Soil Study and Land Evaluation Materials for Land Judging Competitions

Revised 2015

Land judging competitions are held every year in many Wisconsin high schools, FFA and 4-H programs.  The official handbook, event guidelines and Scorecards for Wisconsin competitions are provided below.  All files are Adobe Acrobat PDF .

Soil Study and Land Evaluation Handbook (2 MB PDF)

Event Planning Guide

Instructions for planning and hosting a competition.

Pit Information Cards (Site Card)

Print Pit Information Cards on white 11x17 paper, laminate if possible.  Four color-coded cards are provided.  

Individual Scorecards

Print four for each contestant.  Print back-to-back on heavy 8.5x11 paper, color-coded to match each Pit Information Card - pink, blue, yellow, green

Practice Electronic Individual Scorecard  (pdf, 193 kb) For Practice only.  Individual scorecards for electronic scanning cannot be duplicated.)


Team Scorecard/ Envelopes

     Print on 10"x13" envelopes, or 11x17 paper, and trim and tape to envelopes.    

Score Calculator Spreadsheet (.xlsm)

Spreadsheet to calculate individual and team scores for Land Judging competitions.  Works in any contest, and includes instructions for entering the data and ranking. (.xlsm file 142 kb)  

Example Sites, Soil pits and and Scorecards


Soil Judging Contacts:   Todd Mau, NRCS   or Nathan King, WAAE Soil Committee