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Official Web Soil Survey Available - Soil Science Annual Data Refreshes in October

Madison, Wis. – August 31, 2016 – The National Cooperative Soil Survey Program is an endeavor of the United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and other federal agencies; state and local governments; and other cooperators. It provides a systematic study of the soils in a given area, including the classification, mapping, and interpretation of the soils. Soil types are classified from physical properties, drawing heavily on the principles of pedology, geology, and geomorphology.

The entire national official soils data will be refreshed in October during each calendar year to ensure updated official data is available to all farmers, landowners, and partners. Refreshed soil survey information published to the Official Web Soil Survey (WSS) will include the 2012‐2016 Soil Data Join and Recorrelation (SDJR) national initiative, charged by congress to inventory the soils of the U.S., interpret the soils for various uses, publish info to the public, and maintain inventory to meet user needs, will be completed in October. The SDJR national initiative has fully populated components for almost 700 million acres. Almost 2,900 of the 3,300 soil survey areas have been touched during SDJR. Interpretation criteria will be updated for many national interpretations.

Individuals interested in knowing when surveys in a particular state are updated should visit the WSS and click on the “Download Soils Data” tab, then choose the State they are interested in. WSS will display a list of all soil survey areas. Individuals interested in soil related issues may subscribe to topics of interest using a free subscription service through GovDelivery. Individuals can e-mail inquiries to for assistance with GovDelivery and WSS.

Customers may click on the “Contact Us” link in WSS to receive assistance though the Soils Hotline, a State Soil Scientist, or a local NRCS Service Center. Questions about soil data in a specific state should be directed to the State Soil Scientist. Contact information for all State Soil Scientists is available. For more information on the Web Soil Survey, see our recent report Soil Survey: Uses & Limitations or visit the Wisconsin NRCS Soils Webpage.


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