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Civil Rights

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NRCS-Wisconsin Civil Rights Committee

Mission: Dedicated to provide management with
counsel to create a positive diverse workforce
environment and make NRCS services available
to all people.

Vision: A diverse workforce that, by reflecting the
face of Wisconsin, will provide equal opportunity
and quality of service to all customers.

Civil Rights and EEO Counseling and Mediation:
If you believe you have been discriminated against
because of race, color, sex (including sexual
harassment), religion, age (if over 40), national
origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation,
or reprisal for equal employment activities, in
an employment matter or in the workplace, and
wish to initiate an Equal Employment Opportunity
complaint, you must contact your EEO counselor
within 45 days of the alleged discriminatory action.
Contact USDA-NRCS Civil Rights Employment
Division at (301) 504-2182 for assignment of
an EEO counselor.

Wisconsin Civil Rights Committee Members


Angela Biggs
Deputy Equal Opportunity Advisor
State Conservationist
Wisconsin State Office - Madison
(608) 662-4422, ext. 203

Allness, Eric

Eric Allness  
Committee Chair
ASTC - Partnerships
Wisconsin State Office -  Madison
(608) 662-4422 ext. 246

Josh Sherman

Josh Sherman
Committee Vice Chair
ASTC - Field Operations
Altoona Area Office
(715) 832-6547


John White

Outreach Coordinator
State Outreach Coordinator
Wisconsin State Office - Madison 
(608) 444-9774


Phil Rivara
Equal Opportunity Liaison Officer
ASTC - Management & Strategy
WI State Office - Madison
(608) 662-4422 ext. 213


Meridith Williams

Asian/Pacific Islander
Emphasis Program Manager
Resource Conservationist
WI State Office - Madison
(608) 662-4422, ext. 237

Holden, Rhia

Rhia Holden
African American Emphasis Program Manager
Soil Conservationist
Union Grove Service Center  
(262) 747-3011

Dawson, Lizzy

Lizzy Dawson
Disability Emphasis Program
Soil Conservationist
Portage Service Center
(608) 745-7356


Jamie Kraklow
Federal Women’s Program Manager
Soil Conservationist
Altoona Service Center
(715) 461-6026

Brittany Siehr Photo

Brittany Siehr
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Program Manager
Soil Conservationist
Menomonie Service Center
(715) 232-2614


Nicole Krause

Hispanic Emphasis Program Manager
Soil Conservationist
Black River Falls Service Center
(715) 284-4515, ext. 112


Jodi Chapek
American Indian Emphasis Program Manager
Soil Conservationist
Medford Service Center
(715) 748-4121 ext. 110


Matthew Miller
Veteran Emphasis Program Manager
Soil Conservation Technician
Darlington Service Center

(608) 776-4028 ext. 119

Maroszek, Jeff

Jeff Maroszek
Northeast Area Representative
District Conservationist

Lena Service Center
(920) 829-5406, ext. 125

Melissa Knipfel

Melissa Knipfel
Northwest Area Representative
District Conservationist
Medford Service Center
(715) 748-4121, ext. 112


Sarah Chan
Southeast Area Representative
Civil Engineer
Madison Service Center
(608) 416-8517

Josh Bushee

Josh Bushee
Southwest Area Representative
Soil Conservationist 
Lancaster Service Center
(608) 723-6377, ext. 104


State Office Representative
Wisconsin State Office - Madison



Special Emphasis Months

  • January - Martin Luther King Commemoration
  • February - African American History Month
  • March - Women's History Month
  • April/May - Holocaust Remembrance Day
  • May 5 - Cinco de Mayo
  • May - Asian Pacific Heritage Month
  • June - Pride Month
  • August 26 - Women's Equality Day
  • September - Hispanic Heritage Month
  • October - National Disability Awareness Month
  • November - National American Indian Heritage Month

Committee Accomplishments

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