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STAC Subcommittees

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Washington State Practice Standard Subcommittee

In August 2010, by recommendation from the State Technical Advisory Committee (STAC), the State Conservationist determined a need for a subcommittee to provide input on conservation practice standards (CPS) and specifications. The primary purpose of this Subcommittee will be to provide input to the review of NRCS CPS and associated field office technical guide materials.  The link to directories and schedules for standards review, on a national level, is

Nutrient Management Subcommittee

NRCS Washington (NRCS-WA) used a subcommittee to the STAC to ensure that NRCS heard state level input for possible incorporation into the nutrient management practice. NRCS has considered comments from the STAC Subcommittee and finalized the standard.