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Washington Irrigation Guide (WAIG)

These documents require Adobe Reader.  Follow this link for free download. 
All publications have been make available in a .PDF format.  Alternative text is not available for these publications as they can not be depicted in a narrative format. We apologize for any inconvenience.

These may be relatively large files and may take a while to download.  The best way to view them is to right mouse click on the file name and select “Save Target As” to copy the file to your computer before trying to open it.

The WA Irrigation Guide is a very large document. After you have used the "Save Target As" function as outlined above, it is recommended the 'bookmark' feature in Adobe Acrobat be used to quickly access specific sections of interest within the guide and appendix.

WA Irrigation Guide                     (PDF; 5.3 MB)    819 pages
WA Irrigation Guide Appendix A    (PDF; 15.8 MB)  334 pages
WA Irrigation Guide Appendix B    (PDF; 2.5 MB)     14 pages

        Appendix A - Climatic Stations for Consumptive Use
        Appendix B - Crop Irrigation Requirement (CIR) and Crop Consumptive use (CU) West of the Cascades

The Excel spreadsheet programs below are part of the WA State Supplement to Chapter 10 of the WA Irrigation Guide. They are designed to assist with documentation of IWM plans and should be downloaded for use, as above.

IWM - Center Pivot Plan; Software Program   (XLS; 429 KB)
IWM - Solid Set / Wheeline Plan; Software Program   (XLS; 80 KB) 

Reference Materials

ASCE Standardized Reference Evapotranspiration Equation  Appendix 5 (PDF; 1MB) 70 pages
ASCE Appendices A - F  (PDF; 7MB)  115 pages
ETO Ratio Tables  (XLS; 215KB)
ETR Ratio Tables  (XLS; 193KB)