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2012 Environmental Quality Incentive Program

EQIP Implementation by Multi-County Team/Local Work Group (LWG)

For Fiscal Year 2012, general EQIP cost-sharing will be offered on a multi-county team/local work group basis.  Each local work group has its own ranking criteria and factors it uses in determining which projects will be funded and how much financial assistance is available for approved conservation practices.

Click on your county to find the local EQIP application ranking criteria, eligible practices available for financial assistance and practice schedules.

                                 Northeast Team BoundaryNorth Central Team BoundaryPalouse TeamWest Palouse Team BoundaryBig Bend Team BoundarySnake River Team BoundarySouth Central Team BoundaryPuget Sound Team BoundaryNorthwest Team BoundarySouthwest Team boundaryCounty Outline Map of Washington State identifying Local Work Group Boundaries

National Initiatives:

Statewide options:

The EQIP payment schedules include the conservation practices that are available for financial assistance in Washington State. Payments will be made at the established payment rate per unit for each component within the practice. A contract may or may not include all components identified for a practice. Payment rates for eligible applicants who qualify as a Beginning Farmer/Rancher or Limited Resource Producer will be increased by 15%.

Some practices in the payment schedule may not be available in every Local Work Group (LWG) or Tribal application. Refer to the specific LWG or Tribal eligible practices list for the practices selected for that location or purpose.

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General EQIP

Local Work Group Affiliated Counties Ranking Tools
Eligible Practices
Big Bend Team Kittitas
Part of Adams

Cropland - Dryland  (PDF; 11KB)
Cropland - Irrigated GWMA  (PDF; 10KB)
Cropland - Irrigated UYR  (PDF; 12KB)
Cropland - Orchard/Vineyard  (PDF; 9KB)
Forest       (PDF; 11KB)
Grazing Land - Livestock (PDF; 11KB)

North Central Team Okanogan

Cropland - Dryland  (PDF; 10KB)
Cropland - Irrigated Hay/Pasture  (PDF; 9KB)
Cropland - Other  (PDF; 10KB)
Forest       (PDF; 11KB)
Grazing Land  (PDF; 11KB)

Northeast Team Ferry
Pend Oreille

Confined Animal  (PDF; 11KB)
Cropland - Includes Hayland (PDF; 11KB) 
Forest        (PDF; 11KB)
Grazing Land  (PDF; 11KB)
Multi-land Use  (PDF; 11KB)

Northwest Team Whatcom
San Juan

Cropland - No LS  (PDF; 10KB)
Forest       (PDF; 11KB)
Multi-land Use - With LS  (PDF; 11KB) 
Multi-land Use - With LS - Small Farm (PDF; 11KB) 

Palouse Team Spokane

Cropland  (PDF; 11KB)
Cropland - New Technology  (PDF; 9KB)
Forest       (PDF; 9KB)
Multi-land Use - Riparian Streambank  (PDF; 10KB)
Multi-land Use - Vegetation Management  (PDF; 9KB)

Puget Sound Team King

Confined Animal  (PDF; 11KB)
Cropland   (PDF; 11KB)
Forest       (PDF; 11KB)
Multi-land Use (PDF; 11KB) 

Snake River Team Walla Walla

Confined Animal - Livestock  (PDF; 10KB)  
Cropland - Dryland  (PDF; 11KB)
Cropland - Irrigated  (PDF; 10KB)
Cropland - New Technology  (PDF; 11KB
Forest       (PDF; 11KB)
Grazing Land  (PDF; 11KB)

South Central Team Benton

Cropland - Dryland  (PDF; 11KB)
Cropland - Irrigated  (PDF; 11KB) 
Cropland - New Technology  (PDF; 11KB)  
Forest       (PDF; 11KB)
Grazing Land   (PDF; 13KB)

Southwest Team Grays Harbor

Confined Animal (PDF; 17KB) 
Cropland   (PDF; 17KB)
Forest       (PDF; 17KB)
Multi-land Use (PDF; 17KB) 

West Palouse Team Lincoln
Part of Adams

Confined Animal  (PDF; 11KB)
Cropland - Dryland  (PDF; 9KB)
Cropland - Irrigated  (PDF; 9KB)
Forest       (PDF; 10KB)
Grazing Land  (PDF; 9KB)


Payment Schedule

General EQIP Payment Schedule for FY2012. (PDF; 2.8MB)  3/28/2012

National Initiatives


Energy Energy  FY12   Ranking Tool   (PDF; 19KB)
Energy  FY12   Eligible Practices  (PDF; 89KB)   
Energy  FY12   Payment Schedule  (PDF; KB)
Organic Initiative    
Organic  FY12 Ranking Tool   (PDF; 17KB)
Organic  FY12 Eligible Practices  (PDF; 154KB)   
Organic  FY12 Payment Schedule  (PDF; KB) 
Sage Grouse
Sage Grouse Focus Area Map  (PDF;  KB)
Sage Grouse FY12 Ranking Summary  (PDF;  KB) 
Sage Grouse FY12 Eligible Practices  (PDF; KB)
Sage Grouse FY12 Payment Schedule  (PDF; KB) 

Seasonal High Tunnel  

High Tunnel  FY12 Ranking Tool  (PDF; 16KB)
High Tunnel  FY12 Eligible Practices (PDF; 77KB)
High Tunnel  FY12 Payment Schedule (XLSX; 53KB)

Statewide Initiatives


Conservation Activity Plans

CAP FY12 Payment Schedule  (PDF; KB)


Tribal FY12 Ranking Summary (PDF; 21KB)
Tribal FY12 Eligible Practices  (PDF; KB)
Tribal FY12 Payment Schedule  (PDF; KB) 


Wildfire FY12 Ranking Summary  (PDF; 16KB)
Wildfire FY12 Eligible Practices  (PDF; KB)
Wildfire FY12 Payment Schedule  (PDF; KB) 




Alan Fulk
Area Program Liaison
(509) 754-3023  ext. 1123