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High Tunnel expanding local food availability

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High Tunnel expanding local food availability

Image: High Tunnel

A successful high tunnel ready for planting.

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Skagit County, city of Bow

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As part of an Organic Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) contract, a local producer has installed and is utilizing the benefits of a Seasonal High Tunnel.

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NRCS and landowner Harley Soltes.

Resource Challenges icon
Poor plant condition, wet soils, and cold winds create a challenging growing area.

Conservation Program Used icon
Certified Organic EQIP

Innovations and Highlights icon
The site is very susceptible to high winds with no nearby tall vegetation to block winds. The landowner bought a sturdier high tunnel model that was rated for wind and snow loads by the manufacturer. Concrete was used in every post hole to help with the structure's stability and support.

Results and Accomplishments icon
The landowner is now able to grow productive and healthy plants for local sales that without the high tunnel, would have been in poor condition or not yielded any produce at all. Another benefit is that after his positive experience working with NRCS he has since signed up for additional EQIP contracts to do more work in other locations. He has also referred other local producers to NRCS for help with their conservation needs.

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Jared Hamman, Soil Conservationist, Mount Vernon, WA, (360) 428-7684 ext 134

NRCS, Winter 2012

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