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The Tribal Connection and Partnership Report

These newsletters highlight conservation success stories on Tribal lands, and include an update from State Conservationist Roylene Rides at the Door. The Partnership Report highlights conservation dollars spent on tribal lands.

The documents below require Acrobat Reader. These publications have been make available in a .PDF format.  Alternative text is not available for these publications. We apologize for any inconvenience. For any accessibility issues, please contact 509.343.2266.


Image: tribal newsletter

The Tribal Connection Newsletters

The Tribal Connection Issue 5 (March 2012)   (PDF; 1.25MB)
The Tribal Connection Issue 4 (November 2011)   (PDF; 1.3MB)
The Tribal Connection Issue 3 (August 2011)   (PDF; 1.4MB)
The Tribal Connection Issue 2 (June 2011)   (PDF; 1.2MB)
The Tribal Connection Issue 1 (April 2011)   (PDF; 1.2MB)


Tribal Partnership Report Pic

Tribal Partnership Report

FY15 Tribal Partnership Report (PDF; 4.57MB)
​FY14 Tribal Partnership Report (PDF; 1.1MB)
FY13 Tribal Partnership Report (PDF; 3.44MB)
FY 12 Tribal Partnership Report  (PDF; 3MB)
FY 11 Tribal Partnership Report (PDF; 2.5MB)

Treaty Rights Doc Pic

Washington Activities Supporting Tribal Treaty Rights 

Final Status Report on Activities to Uphold Tribal Treaty Rights, Jan 2015
A Letter from State Conservationist, Roylene Rides at the Door, June 2015
Status Report on Activities Supporting Treaty Rights, June 2015
WACD Tribal Partnership Training Seminar, May 2015
Resource Stewardship Planning Landowner Fact Sheet, Feb 2015

Team USDA Listening Sessions