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Farm*A*Syst Information and Self-Assessment Worksheets

FarmASyst and Home Assist Graphic

Farm*A*Syst, or Farmstead Assessment System, is a self-evaluation that farmers and rural landowners can use to evaluate how on-farm management practices and activities might be a risk to groundwater, and therefore the farmer's drinking water supply. It was first targeted at practices used around the farm buildings and other structures because they are usually located close to the farm's well, and are also commonly overlooked when farm conservation plans are developed.  Farm*A*Syst is totally confidential. Completed evaluations are meant to be kept by the landowner for his or her own use. However, if landowners do want advice, each Farm*A*Syst worksheet identifies public agencies that can offer assistance or that have a regulatory role.

Farm*A*Syst was developed in Minnesota and Wisconsin as part of a cooperative project between the University of Wisconsin-Extension, Minnesota Extension Sevice, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.


The following documents require Adobe Reader.

Worksheet 1--Drinking Water Well Condition (PDF; 80 KB)
Worksheet 2--Pesticide Storage and Handling (PDF; 133 KB)
Worksheet 3--Fertilizer Storage and Handling (PDF; 82 KB)
Worksheet 4--Petroleum Product Storage (PDF; 277 KB)
Worksheet 5--Hazardous Wastes Management (PDF; 89 KB)
Worksheet 6--Household Wastewater (PDF; 77 KB)
Worksheet 7--Manure Storage (PDF; 83 KB)
Worksheet 8--Barnyard Management (PDF; 84 KB)
Worksheet 9--Silage Storage (PDF; 58 KB)
Worksheet 10--Milkhouse Wastewater Treatment (PDF; 79 KB)
Worksheet 11--Site Evaluation (PDF; 41 KB)
Worksheet 12--Overall Farmstead Assessment (PDF; 74 KB)
Worksheet 13--Nutrient Management Practices (PDF; 557 KB)


Last Modified: October 8, 2019