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Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan Information

Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan (CNMP) Information

This page provides tools and information related to Comprehensive Nutrient Management Planning.

CNMP Technical Guidance

A CNMP identifies management and conservation actions that will be followed to meet clearly defined soil and water conservation goals, including nutrient management, on an animal feeding operation (AFO). Defining soil and water conservation goals and identifying measures and schedules for attaining these goals are critical to reducing potential and actual threats to water quality and public health from AFOs. The CNMP fits within the total resource management objectives of the entire farm/animal feeding operation.

The CNMP Technical Guidance is for use by those individuals who develop or assist in the development of CNMPs. The purpose of this document is to provide technical guidance for the development of CNMPs, whether they are developed for USDA ' s voluntary programs or as a means to help satisfy the United States Environmental Protection Agency's (USEPA) National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit requirements.


The following documents require Microsoft Word

Vermont NRCS CNMP Templates


CNMP Cover Page (DOC; 30 KB)

CNMP Signature Page (DOC; 27 KB)

Emergency Response Plan (DOC; 39 KB)

CNMP Index (DOC; 27 KB)

Manure and Wastewater Handling and Storage Plan (DOC; 150 KB)

Purpose and Conditions (DOC; 31 KB)

Exporting & Importing Manure Agreement (DOC; 28 KB)

Record Keeping (DOC; 147 KB)

VT NRCS CNMP Guidance Documents

Land Treatment Element (DOC; 32 KB)

Other Utilization Activities (DOC; 26 KB)

Feed Management (DOC; 26 KB)


Vermont NRCS CNMP Check Lists

Nutrient Management (DOC; 42 KB)

Manure and Wastewater Handling Plan Components (DOC; 32 KB)

Land Treatment (DOC; 34 KB)