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Forestry or Wildlife Plan Questionnaire

For an NRCS customer with forestry or wildlife concerns comprising the basis for a conservation plan.

Customer Name:                                                Customer Telephone:

Property or Farm Name:                                    Mail Address:

Land Location -    County:                                   Town:

Customer email:


General Questions:

Please provide a short description of your land (e.g. acres of open or forest, other). Include any business aspects.


If applicable, list other decision makers for the land and their involvement. (Include contact information.)


If possible, please provide history regarding past ownership of this property.


What are your objectives or goals for your land? Include desired future condition.


Are you currently enrolled in any NRCS conservation programs, including easement programs? If yes, indicate the program and any practices planned or implemented in the past.


Are there USDA programs or conservation practices that you have heard about and/or are interested in?  If yes, please elaborate.


Are there existing resource concerns on your property that you are aware of? Examples include soil erosion, water quality, invasive plants, poor habitat, etc. If yes, what are they and which of these concerns do you plan to address?



Are you aware of any archeological or historic sites on or near your property (cellar holes, stone arches, etc.)? If yes, what sites and where are they located?


Do you have wetlands, streams, ponds or other water features on your land? If yes, please describe.


Do you know of any threatened, endangered or rare plant or animal species on or near your farm? If yes, what species and where are they located?


Does your property have utilities passing through it? If yes, what utilities, and where are they located?


Forest Questions:

Describe the major forest types on your land and general productivity for each area:



What, if anything, is harvested from your forest land? (Examples: saw logs, pulp, biomass (chips), firewood, sap, etc.)?


Within your forest management plan, do you have recommended managements scheduled within the next few years? If yes, what activities and when? (See Management Table at the end of your plan. Examples: thinning, invasive control, harvest etc.)


Describe any other uses of your forest land (Examples: education, recreation & type, scenic areas, etc.)


Fish, Wildlife, Ecological Questions:

Do you have any goals or objectives for managing fish, wildlife or natural areas on your land? If yes, what are your objectives, and where would you propose to do management?


Do you have an existing wildlife management plan?


Are your wildlife management objectives, if any, currently being met? Describe:



Do you have any unused or idle fields, old orchards, low productivity forest stands, etc. on your land? If yes, what management takes place on these areas (time and schedule of cuttings, release or pruning, etc.?)



Do you know or any rare natural communities or unique or important habitats on or near your land? (Examples: clayplain forest, vernal pools or seeps, mast stands, cliffs or ledges, large cavity trees, softwood stands, thickets.)





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Last Modified: June 22, 2010