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Focus in Soil Quality for Vermont Overview

21st World Congress of Soil Science sheduled for August 12-17, 2018 in Brazil.  Visit Website 

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Soil Scientists from around the world gathered in Philadelphia

Soil Scientists at the World Soil ConferenceThere were over 2,700 oral presentations and posters at the 2006 World Soil Congress. Topics ranged from molecular level studies to global perspectives on land degradation. The keynote speaker, Jeff Sachs (who is a Special Advisor to UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan), noted that humans have had such a huge impact on the planet - we are now moving into the "Anthropo-cene". This is a change from the  current name given to the past 10,000 years which is usually labeled the "Holocene". The United Nations is very interested in the world's soil resource as it is a major factor in hunger issues and political stability. As was noted in many presentations at the conference, the number of graduate students in soil academic programs is dwindling yet the need for research in soils is critical. The thin crust of soil that supports much of the life on this planet remains one of the least understood parts of the ecosystem.

picture of the cover of the manual

Soil Judging Manual - available for download
(Edited 2012)

Teachers and students can use the soil judging manual to use as a reference for soil judging activities.  This document was last edited by Thom Villars (Retired VT Soil Resource Specialist) the coordinator of the Soil Judging Program in Vermont.


View or download a pdf file for
Adobe Acrobat Document Vermont Soil and Land Judging Manual (728KB)